How To Mirror iPhone To Car DVD Player

How To Mirror iPhone To Car DVD Player

You still want to use your iPhone when you drive, in such a way you pose no threat to fellow drivers and pedestrians as well. The only way this can be possible would be to have your iPhone content displayed on your Car’s infotainment system, with bigger icons that can easily be reached. Rather than squinting your eyes to identify where to touch on your iPhone while still maintaining eyes on the road, hands on the wheel.

In this article, you’ll find how to continue growing with your iPhone even when you drive by mirroring its content to your car DVD player.


How To Mirror iPhone To Car DVD Player

It was only with the advent of new Car technologies that iPhone users are able to use their phones while driving. There are a couple ways available to do this, each of them being unique in their own way with some of them as listed below more widely used than the other.

Below include how to Mirror your iPhone to your car DVD player.

1. Using Carplay

Carplay is Apple’s standard for connecting your iPhone to your Vehicle. With Carplay, your iPhone content is easily accessible from the DVD player. You can play music with the supported app, stream videos, text and reply messages etc. The best part is that with the Apple Carplay, you can do all of these things completely hands off because Siri has got your back. This way, you only connect your iPhone once and let Siri take care of anything you may need as you drive. 

However, bear in mind that not every Car manufacturer currently has Carplay enabled on their vehicle. But it’s most likely your car will be Carplay enabled as Apple has widely integrated with a lot of vehicle manufacturers in the past years.

To mirror your iPhone content to your Car DVD player using Carplay. Follow the below guide;

2. For Wireless Connection

  • Ensure first that wireless Carplay connection is supported on your vehicle.
  • Open settings on your iPhone
  • Tap on Siri and Search. Turn all the below options on to enable Siri to your Voice while the iPhone is connected to the car DVD.
  • Now, pair your iPhone to your Car using Bluetooth
  • Open Settings again
  • Tap on General
  • Open Carplay
  • Select your car from the Window and Carplay will be activated on your Car.

If your device does not support wireless Carplay connection, then you can make use of a lightning cable. One way to know if your vehicle supports a wireless connection is to identify the Voice Control button usually located on the steering wheel.


3. For Wired Connection

  • Connect your iPhone by means of a lightning cable to your car USB port
  • Tap on the Carplay logo displayed on your Car screen. 
  • Your iPhone will mirror its content to the Car DVD player.


4. ApowerMirror

The ApowerMirror is another effective way to display content on your iPhone to your car DVD player. It’s mostly a plug and play kind of connection although it can also be connected without the use of any cable. 

When connected, your Car DVD player will have access to every bit of content on your iPhone, including music, videos and so on and for the most part, whatever you tap on the DVD screen will take effect on your iPhone.

To mirror your iPhone content using the ApowerMirror app, follow the steps below, however, ensure that you have the app installed.

  • Using a lightning cable, connect your iPhone to your Car USB port.
  • Tap on the ApowerMirror app icon on your car screen.
  • Your iPhone will be mirrored to your car DVD player.


5. MirrorLink

MirrorLink offers a seamless way to mirror your iPhone to your car infotainment system easily. Apps and other files on your iPhone can be displayed and streamed to your Car’s DVD player. 

With only minimal effort, you can set up a MirrorLink connection between your iPhone and Car using the EasyConnect app. However, make sure that your Car is MirrorLink enabled, you can check with your manufacturer for compatibility. Here’s how to set and mirror your iPhone using MirrorLink;

  • Depending on your Car model. Find and tap on apps on your DVD player screen.
  • Find and tap on Easyconnect
  • Tap on iPhone WIFI
  • Tap on Change Hotspot
  • Now, on your iPhone, open the Settings app
  • Tap on Personal Hotspot and turn it on
  • Now Car will scan for available Hotspot connection
  • Tap on your Hotspot name on the DVD player screen. You may be required to enter your Hotspot password, do that to continue.
  • With your Car connected to your iPhone Hotspot, go back to apps and tap on the EasyConnect app again
  • You’ll find an instruction on the DVD player asking you to open your iPhone Control center.
  • Swipe up or down on your iPhone depending on your model to open the Control Center
  • Tap on the Screen Mirroring button
  • Tap on the EC-Airlay-xp shown on the window
  • Your iPhone content will now be mirrored onto your car DVD player.


Can I Connect My iPhone To My Car DVD Player?

Yes, you can have all the experience with your iPhone even while you drive. This technology was brought about because it’s getting almost impossible to separate people from their mobile devices. So now, whether you have messages to reply to or very important calls to take, you now can do them  without worrying about getting distracted and losing focus as you drive.

Can I Mirror My iPhone To My Car Screen?

Yes is the simple answer you need. Your iPhone content can now be replicated on your car screen and every function in your iPhone accessible from the screen. 

It’s a whole new experience when you can play your favorite music or Album from your iPhone and have the sound blast and feel your car from the speakers while you drive. Mirroring makes this possible.

The good thing about this is that, app icons and text gets increased so you can easily have a look at anything while still having eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. 

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Is MirrorLink The Same As Apple CarPlay?

No, MirrorLink is a different entity from the Apple Carplay. Apple Carplay is the recommended way to connect your iPhone to your car screen. You can use your apps, stream and listen to audio and video using the Apple Carplay with a wired or wireless connection to your car. However, Carplay may not be regarded as a true Mirroring system because it selects only a few apps that can be used in your car. 

This is what the MirrorLink does differently, as it mirrors your iPhone screen completely to your Car screen. With your iPhone connected to your Car screen using MirrorLink, whatever you open from the car screen will also open on your iPhone which is not the case with Carplay. Your iPhone display can remain off while still using Carplay.



In my opinion, I’ll prefer the Apple Carplay option as a way to connect the iPhone to the Car screen. Primarily because it’s a hands off experience as Siri can update you about incoming calls, text messages etc. which you can respond to even without touching your iPhone. Siri does pretty much anything while you drive. However choose the mirroring option that serves and suits you best from the list above.

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