How to Move Existing Albums Into Folders in iPhone

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Moving albums into a particular folder on iPhone has been an age old topic when it comes to iPhone users. A lot of people love to have their photo albums neatly organized into different folders because this helps them to readily locate which photo they might need. The only problem here is that they have no idea on what they are supposed to do to move an existing album into a folder on their iPhone. I’m sure you’re pretty confused on what to do too, don’t be. In this article we’ll show you all you need to know.


Can You Move Existing Albums Into Folders in iPhone

Searching through your iPhone, trying to locate a particular album that holds your image can become a tiresome task because your albums aren’t organized. Like we said earlier, the best thing that would cross your mind is to move some of these albums into a classified folder where you can easily find them.

The real question is, can you move an existing album into folders on an iPhone? Unfortunately there isn’t any feature on your iPhone that allows you to move existing albums into folders on your iPhone. But the good news is that there are tricks around this. After following the steps in his article, you will be able to move albums on your iPhone to any folder you want. 

You don’t have to worry about the difficulty of these tricks. We’re going to give you a detailed explanation that will take you every step of the way until you are done. Without wasting much time, let’s head on to what you need to do.

How to Move Existing Albums Into Folders on iPhone

While it may not be possible to move an existing album into a folder on your iPhone, there is a way you can use to go around it. This would involve you moving a lot of your photos between new and old albums. You first have to create a new album and then move the photos from the old, default album to the new one. Follow the steps below to get started.


Step one: create a folder

The most obvious thing you will have to do first is to create the new folder of your choice and then give it a name for easy identification. Here is what you need to do:

  • Launch the photos app on your iPhone.
  • You should see the albums tab on the next screen, tap on it.
  • A “+” icon should be at the top left part of the screen, tap on it.
  • A pop up should now appear, tap on NEW FOLDER.
  • Next you will have to set whatever folder name you want.
  • Tap on save.

After completing this step it would mean that you have successfully created a folder where you can organize different albums that you want. Now all that is left is to create the album. Like we mentioned earlier, you can’t move an existing album into a folder but you can create a new album inside that said folder. After doing this, you can then move all of your photos from the old album into the new one you just created in the folder. Here’s what you should do after creating a folder:

  • Open the new folder by tapping on it.
  • At the top right of the screen you should see an edit option, tap on it
  • On the next screen, tap on the”+” icon at the top left part of your screen.
  • Tap on new album.
  • Fill in the name you want for the album.
  • Tap on save.
  • Go to the existing album you have your pictures and select all the pictures.
  • Move all the pictures to the new album.
  • Tap on done.

That’s about everything you need to do. In some iOS devices, after creating a new album you might be given the option to immediately add photos from already existing albums. This makes it easier than going to the old default albums and trying to move them. After doing this you can choose to delete the old album if you would like to.

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What Happens to The Existing Album After Moving All the Photos to The New Album?

After moving all the photos in the pre existing album to the new one, it will mean that the original album will now be empty. The next thing to do is to delete the old album from your iPhone. If you keep the album, it will take up unnecessary space on your iPhone and make your photo gallery to look a bit disorganized. 

The main reason why you’re putting your albums in a folder is because you want your album to be organized. You might as well delete the old empty one. One thing to note is that the old album might still end up storing a few pictures in the future since it is an original file path of your iPhone. Unless you have stopped saving pictures that will save in the old album as a normal file saving path.

Will the New Folder and Album Appear on My iCloud?

Your iCloud should generally be in sync with your iPhone and the things that are happening therein. This means that any changes that happen in your iPhone will be reflected on your iCloud account automatically. This is only possible if you set up your iCloud d to be backed up automatically. 

To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you backup to iCloud after creating the new folder and album in order for them to be saved on iCloud. You should also make sure that your iCloud is set to sync and back up automatically.



While it may not be possible to actually move an existing album into a folder, there are ways you can go around this to have your favorite albums arranged in a folder. At the end of this article, you must have known everything you need to do and how easy it is for you to do them.


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