How To Play 8 Ball By Yourself On iPhone

How To Play 8 Ball By Yourself On iPhone

If you’ve ever been bored, you will realize that many things come to thought just like you’ve began to think and asking if it’s possible to play the 8 ball game all by yourself. And it’s easy to know why you’re making this inquiry. The 8 ball game is probably the most interesting game there is on the Game pigeon collection of games. Other interesting games you can play on the iMessage app exists but none beats the classic 8 ball game, at least in my opinion.

So is it possible to play the 8 ball game on iPhone without having to invite anybody on your contact but yourself to the pool game? Well, yes and no. Yes because you can actually invite yourself as the second party in the game, play the game and probably sink some ball. No because you may never play for long without the game crashing. If you were only able to play the game for 30 seconds top, I doubt if you played at all.

How To Play 8 Ball By Yourself On iPhone

To verify my claim you can follow the below steps to play against yourself on the 8 ball pool game and see the outcome.

  • Make sure you already have 8 balls installed on your iMessage app
  • Open a new message conversation and type in your name as the second party player
  • Select and open the 8 ball game from the game pigeon collection
  • Send the pre-written message ‘let’s play’
  • Since you’re playing against yourself, meaning you’re the second player and the app sees it this way too, you’ll have to make the first shot.
  • If you sink a ball, whether strip or solid in your first shot
  • You’ll have to make another shot, so for instance if you sank a stripe ball first, you’ll continue to sink every other stripe ball
  • The other player which is still you will only be able to play when you miss a shot or commit a foul
  • If you ever miss a shot, an iMessage will have to be sent to you who also is the second party in the game that it’s your turn to play and on discovering this, iMessage immediately crashes the game.


That’s exactly what I meant by you’re never going to lay against yourself in the 8 ball game for a long time. Except you are a super expert in the game, I doubt you’ll be able to sink in all your balls without missing a shot. Though it may be possible, but in my opinion it’s going to be nearly impossible.


Can I Play 8 Ball On iMessage?

The 8 ball game is designed to be played in the iMessage app and nowhere else. It’s a game of two players, the second player will have to be someone on your contact list who’s willing to play and also have the 8 ball game installed. Anyone can play the 8 ball game but you must make sure to meet the following requirements;

How To Play 8 Ball By Yourself On iPhone

1. You need IOS 10 or above

Playing games on the iMessage was only an innovation made available upon the release of IOS version 10. Your iPhone needs to run on IOS 10 or higher to play the 8 ball game and also, if you’re choosing any second player from your contact, they also need to have the IOS version that makes playing the game possible – IOS 10 or higher.

2. You must have the game pigeon app installed

The 8 ball game is only a part of a collection on the game pigeon app. There are a couple of games that comes with the iMessage compatible app game pigeon, some you can play alone and some requiring that you invite a second player. This is the category where the 8 ball pool game falls in. To install game pigeon on iMessage follow the below steps;

  • Open the iMessage app from your home screen
  • Select an ongoing conversion on the list or open a new conversation
  • Just by the side of the text box you’ll find a list of apps, including the app store app
  • Click the app store icon
  • The app store will open on a second layer on the iMessage app, locate the search box and search game pigeon
  • The game pigeon app will appear, tap on ‘get’ to download and install it.

You now have installed the game pigeon app where the 8 ball pool game is housed. Also, whoever you’ll be choosing as an opponent will also need to install the game pigeon app.


Can You Play iPhone Games By Yourself?

Imagine playing an actual 8 ball game all by yourself, where you have to play your turn as well as your opponents’ which is still you. Apart from it being tiring, it also defeats the goal of a game. An actual game has to be competitive allowing you to brainstorm smart ways to defeat your opponent. Trying to play an 8 ball game all by yourself is possible but make sure you’re super great in sinking in the balls or get ready to keep opening the iMessage app again and again as it’ll keep crashing.

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How Do I Play 8 Ball On My iPhone?

To play the classic game on your iPhone, first you’ll have to download and install the game pigeon on your phone. A detailed step by step procedure on how to achieve that has been stated above, you can refer back to it to download the app. After downloading, do the following;

  • Open any conversation on iMessage or open a new conversion with the contact you’d like to play against.
  • Scroll the list of apps right where you see the app store icon to the left to reveal more apps
  • You’ll find the just installed game pigeon app, open it and click on 8 ball game icon.
  • Invite the second party telling them you’ll like to engage them on a challenge by sending the already written message ‘let’s play’. You can as well type in and send a costume message.
  • On accepting your invitation, your opponent gets to play first since you’re the game host.
  • If they sink in a stripe, then automatically your balls are the solids. Stick to them
  • Once they’ve made a shot, it’s your turn to play. Just below the game image, tap on ‘your move’
  • Next is to align the cue white ball to hit the target. Do this by dragging your finger across the screen till your lock the target ball in position and ready to take the shot.
  • Make a shot by holding and dragging the cue stick icon on the left until your desired power is reached. Release to hit the cue ball which in turn hits the target ball.
  • This goes on and on until one player sinks in all his balls first to emerge winner.


How Do You Always Win With The iPhone 8 Ball?

How To Play 8 Ball By Yourself On iPhone

Like the popular saying goes ‘practice makes proficient’, same thing applies for the 8 ball game. To always win, you have to play the game often, intentionally learning what works and what doesn’t. But here are a few expert tips to help you sink in more balls than your opponent;

  • Use a ruler.

The ruler helps you get more accurate with your shots. It articulates all the angles the ball and hit and gives you a more precise shot. The ruler is available as an in-app purchase, but it’ll be worth it.

  • Zoom in on the cue ball to make angle shots.

Many players do not know this, or even if they do, don’t find it useful. But you can sink in more balls by making angular shots. To do this, tap on the cue ball and it becomes zoomed on an overlay. Tap where you’d want to hit with the cue stick and close the zoomed overlay to make the shot.

  • Finesse over Power shots.

Many players think it’s always a powerful shots that sinks a ball, but that’s not the case in most cases. Make sure to do some thoughtful calculations before taking any shot. A very soft shot can make all the difference.

Video Guide

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How to play iMessage games by yourself


The 8 ball game will keep you entertained more than you know it. Trying to play against yourself in my opinion will get you even more bored. Invite a few of your contacts, you can start with friends, I’m sure someone will be willing to take the challenge.


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