How To Prevent The Police From Tracking Your iPhone

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In our today’s world of connectivity, it’s getting harder by the day to have one hundred percent privacy. Not with all the data sharing and signal flying from your iPhone to another and then back and forth from Carrier tower. Very little would you know that the police can easily have access to all of your activity online as well as your exact location because you leave footprints that can be traced back to only you as you use your iPhone?

So how can you keep off the police from ever prying on your privacy? That’s the knowledge up for grabs in this article. Continue reading to find out.


How To Prevent Police From Tracking Your iPhone

You may not be wanted by the police right now, but the moment you are or have any association with a perpetrator, it doesn’t matter how, they’ll come for you. If you don’t already know, the cops are armed to the teeth with location tracking services leveraging on the interactions your iPhone makes online and several other advanced signals.

Now you know the strength of the enemy you’re up against, follow the following steps as outlined below to prevent the cop from tracking you;

1. Turn On Airplane Mode

In the most minimalist manner, enabling Airplane mode cuts off your iPhone from the outside world. Doing this will be very detrimental to the police because not only will they not know where to search, they’ll completely be in the dark. The only information of your location that can be tracked would be the last place where you were you made an appearance before turning on the Airplane mode.

If you think you’re being followed, here’s what extra you should do to be more safe – Go far away from the area where you turned on the Airplane mode.


2. Disable Location Services

With your GPS/Location turned on, it’s more than easy for the police to track you down. In fact, the GPS data is where they look first before setting out to grab their target because it gives concise and very precise results. A GPS service can show heat maps of the places you have frequented in the past,  which makes it an extremely indispensable tool for the police.

Here’s how to turn off Location services on iPhone;

  • Open iPhone Settings
  • Tap on Privacy
  • Select Location Services
  • Turn off location services on apps that are not important. However to be more safe especially if you think you’re being tagged, turn off Location Services for all apps.


3. Use VPN Services

When you surf with your iPhone, you’re designated a particular IP address that the police can use to track you down. Think of an IP address as a virtual location on the internet, that does the same things as your physical home address and it’s different for everyone. Once the police get hold of this unique detail, the game might be up for the person being tracked. 

Instead, make use of a VPN or even privacy browsers that makes sure no detail from you is shared with websites, apps etc. Good VPN apps may cost money, but will surely leave no footprints the next time you surf the internet.


4. Invest In Signal Blockers

Your iPhone will stop receiving signals from Carrier towers when inside a Signal blocker. A signal blocker will prevent the police from triangulating your exact location between cellular towers. Some call it the Faraday bag, here’s what it does, it’s made up of substances that reflect off incoming signals from the cell towers, hence there’s no exchange of data between your iPhone and your Carrier. 

Good ones can cost quite a few bulks but will be worth it for your safety. May cost anywhere from $50 to $250.

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5. Turn off your iPhone

Turning off your iPhone is also a great way of preventing the police from tracking you. Although today, the police can jump through that hurdle with the help of some very sophisticated software. But it’s not yet an easy crack for them. Except that the iPhone doesn’t support removable batteries, supporting a turned off phone with battery removal adds an extra layer of security. But it’s all good to just have it turned off.


How Do I Find Out If My iPhone Is Being Tracked By The Police?

The process the police use to track a phone can be sometimes simple but for the most part complicated. The reason is because they usually get a backing by the law to further with tagging your iPhone, so they can easily reach out to your Service Provider, present their Warrant, and information about you will quickly exchange hands. It’s that simple. 

Other times they can get really busy with their tracking agents, using sophisticated software to square down on your location.

The bottom line is, it’s next to impossible to figure out all by yourself if you’re being tracked, it happens remotely and they leave no trace. Instead of worrying about being tracked, worry more about how you should keep yourself safe online.


Can Police Track Your iPhone If The Location Is Off?

Though difficult, it’s possible. There was no way for the police to have done this some decades ago, not until recently as phone tracking was widely adopted by the police and other law enforcement agents as a quick way of narrowing on a criminals location.

It is true that a turned off phone loses the ability to communicate with cell towers and so cannot be tracked, but that is in the past. The police have recorded more success in doing this by infecting turned off phones with Spyware like Trojan, that forces the phone to emit discrete amounts of signal that is fairly enough for the police to lockdown on one’s location.

An addition to that will be the recent iPhone battery-software technology that reserves a little battery life in the phone even after it goes dead. This technology primarily works to save the lithium ion battery, but then, it’s a plus for the police. Hence, your iPhone may not actually be off when it shuts down. To make the situation even more favorable for the police, you cannot remove the battery from your iPhone to cut out every signal, unless you disassemble the rear housing.



It’s crystal clear from all what has been discussed above that the Police have the upper hand despite what you may do to prevent them from tracking you. In my opinion, the only way not to be tracked today is to have no phone, which may not be possible. However, be rest assured that the police don’t have business with tracking you if you commit nothing and before they do, they must obtain a warrant.


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