How To Print 4×6 Photos On HP Printer From iPhone

How To Print 4x6 Photos On HP Printer From iPhone

iPhones usually have their default photo size at 3×4, that’s a ratio of 3:4 which also makes printing photos in 6×8 and 3×4 dimensions very easy as they’ll require no cropping. But the 4×6 dimension is the most common and standard photo printing size for digital photos. 

Little wonder why you really want to have your birthday or beautiful moments on a 4×6. Apart from the fact that they’re the standard used by photo finishing industries, they’re generally balanced and good to look at. In this article, you’ll learn how to print your best images right in the dimension format you want them, you don’t have to settle for any less.


How To Print 4×6 Photos On Hp Printer From Your iPhone

Printing your photo in 4×6 is really a simple thing to do. In only a few clicks, you would have had your dazzling photo in your hand. However, ensure that your Printer is Airprint enabled, if you’re not already sure about that, you can check with your manufacturer to ensure your iPhone can communicate over the network with your printer. However most Hp printers have Airprint enabled.

Follow the below guide to print your photo in 4×6. To this I’ll break up the processes in two small bits, first will be cropping our image down to 4×6 which is our desired dimension and second will be the actual printing.

1. Cropping to 4×6

  • For this illustration, I’ll be using the iPhoto, iPhones default photo app.
  • Launch the iPhoto app
  • Open the desired image to be printed
  • At the upper right corner, tap the edit button
  • AT the bottom of the app, tap the crop button
  • Tap on the Aspect button
  • A drop down menu  showing a list of pre-cropped frame sizes will appear.
  • Tap on 4×6. Move the frame to contain the desired part of the image
  • Be careful not to drag the corners of the frame, otherwise you’ll change the size. However, if that happens just re-select 4×6 from the dropdown menu.
  •  Tap on Crop to see the preview. This is how your image will appear when printed
  • If you’re satisfied by the preview, tap on save at the upper right hand corner.

With the desired image now in the desired dimension, next is to print the photo. 

2. Printing The 4×6 photo On HP Printer 

  • Connect your iPhone and printer to the same WIFI network. This is very important for connecting both devices.
  • Open the 4×6 photo that you cropped.
  • Find and tap on the share icon
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap on print
  • You’ll be asked to select the printer.
  • Make the necessary settings like the number of copies to print.
  • At the upper right side of the screen, tap on print to proceed, you can as well cancel on the print order screen if you change your mind.


Can I Print Photos From My iPhone?

Yes, photos on your iPhone can be easily printed on an Airprint enabled printer. Airprint is Apple technology developed to allow the easy communication between your iPhone and a printer. With Airprint enabled on the printer, no data transfer cord whatsoever is needed as you can send over copies of photos to be printed over a local WIFI network.

Apple devices like your iPhone and Mac already have Airplay installed, so you do not need to worry about installing any special app on your iPhone nor drivers, transiting the usage of printers from plug and play which has been the pattern since almost the beginning of printers.

However, while any Airprint enabled printer will be able to produce a hard copy of your image, care should be taken to ensure that the printer will produce the image in a quality made for image prints. Some printers have been specifically designed for images as they have the best ink cartridge as well as being able to print on a standard photo paper.

These printers are expensive to say the least. Except if you really have tons of photos to print, it may not be worth it to buy one for just having sake unless you’re really that buoyant. Instead you can have your images delivered to you by services that offer on-demand printing, that will be quite cost effective and you’ll also have your photos in their best qualities.


Are All HP Printers Compatible With the iPhone?

Yes, all HP printers are compatible with the iPhone. By compatible I mean that they’re all Airprint enabled. Although HP may have printers that were not Airplay enabled when they first started manufacturing printers, I doubt they still have any of those in store and you’ll never find it in any printer shop. 

So basically, from  HP AMP to the latest HP Xpress models and everything in-between are all Airprint enabled. But if your need for a printer should satisfy your image print needs then you should go for some specific type of hp printers. I’ve made some recommendations for you below;

  1. HP Envy  photo 7855
  2. HP Envy photo 7155
  3. HP officejet 250
  4. HP Sprocket photo printer

These will do your image printing job just fine.


Printing Sizes On iPhone

There are a couple of standard print sizes that are available for your iPhone. They include;

  • 4×6 inches
  • 5×7 inches
  • 8×10 inches
  • 8.5×11 inches
  • 12×18 inches
  • 24×36 inches

The above listed are the standard print sizes that your iPhone supports. However bear in mind that the quality of the print on a bigger dimension will depend largely on your iPhone camera megapixel. 

Camera qualities are graded with the number of pixels available. Pixels are very tiny square components that make up your camera as well as your photos. The more pixels your camera has, the better quality your image will appear. 

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For instance, the iPhone 6 with 8-megapixels equals the same as 8 million pixels, this simply means that any image you take with an iPhone 6 camera will be arranged in 8 million small boxes. Whereas the iPhone 7 with 12-megapixels will have images it captures arranged in 12 million small pixels. Again, the higher the pixel, the more quality image you get.

With that said, trying to print a lower pixel iPhone 6 image on a very large dimension, say 14.29×9.49 inches will cause the image to stretch and blur out, whereas the iPhone 7 image will fit just fine on the same dimension. Make sure to take note of this when printing on bigger dimensions.


How Do I Change The Printing Size On My iPhone?

It’s very easy to change the desired printing size on an iPhone, especially if you’re using the iPhoto app. iPhoto already has some pre-made crops in certain dimensions of width and height that you can immediately apply on your image before printing. 

Here’s how to change printing size on iPhone;

  • Open the iPhoto app
  • Open the image to be printed
  • Tap the edit button
  • Tap on the crop button
  • Tap on the Aspect button at the bottom
  • A drop down menu showing a list of sizes you can select from. 
  • Tap on the size you want and tap on crop
  • Properly adjust your photo on the frame, tap on crop to preview and click on save.



Bear in mind that there’s no rule of thumb stating that you must always leave your photo prints at 4×6 inches. If you prefer in fact a bigger digital photo size, you can go ahead with printing it so long as it suits your purpose, only ensure it won’t stretch and get blurred with the iPhone photo printing tips above.

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