How To Recover Unsaved Screen Recording iPhone

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If you have an iPhone it’s no surprise that you’ve used the screen recording feature at least once. It has been really useful to us and It’s always a bit painful to see that it didn’t save after you’ve finished recording. Now you’re stuck wondering how to recover your unsaved screen recording back on your iPhone. Luckily, this article provides answers to that question, let’s get on with it.



You might have been recording your iPhone‘s screen through the screen record feature and your phone suddenly turns off or something else stops it from saving, is it actually possible to recover the screen recording that was unsaved? Fortunately, you can.

It won’t be easy but you can definitely recover unsaved screen recordings on your iPhone. If you follow the steps below you’ll be fine and you’ll get it done in no time.

Recovering unsaved screen recording on your iPhone normally involves using your iCloud or any data recovering app.


If you had already backed up your data to iCloud, your screen recording will always be automatically backed up to your iCloud account even though it wasn’t saved on your iPhone and you can recover it from there.

Without an active iCloud account you will not be able retrieve your unsaved screen recordings unless you use a data recovery app.

So basically you can recover an unsaved screen recording using iCloud or a data recovery app, let’s take a look at both these methods.

Method 1: Recovering unsaved screen recordings on iPhone through iCloud

If you have never uploaded your data to iCloud before, you will need to back up all your data to an iCloud account before you can proceed with this method.

Create an iCloud account and back up all your data because you are going to have to reset your phone. After resetting your iPhone, you will have to download all your data back and you can easily find the unsaved screen recording among your recovered data.

After creating and backing up all your data to an iCloud account, here’s how you recover an unsaved screen recording:

  1. Open the settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on general.
  3. Tap on reset >> Erase all content.  (this should erase all data on your phone and you will have to set up you phone again)
  4. When setting up your iPhone again, restore your apps and data from iCloud.
  5. You might need to sign in, just fill in the necessary information.
  6. You will then see the files that are available for backup, click on it and you should have all your data  back on your iPhone including the unsaved screen recording you had made.

If you had already backed up your files prior to losing the unsaved screen recording, it might not be necessary to reset your phone.

You just have to log into your iCloud and check the “deleted files” album to recover the unsaved screen recording.

After recovering it from the “deleted files” album on your iCloud account, You should be able to see the unsaved screen recordings on your iPhone’s photo gallery by now.

You should also note that the screen recording won’t save on your phone from your iCloud unless you have sufficient space. Ensure that you have enough space on your iPhone’s storage so you can effectively retrieve the video from your iCloud.

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Method 2: Use data recovery apps

If you couldn’t retrieve the apps through the iCloud you can always try third party apps. An example of a third party app you could use is “Dr.fone” which is highly recommended but there are more you could try. 

These recovery apps will not only help you recover your unsaved screen recordings but they also help you retrieve other lost files or data. The only thing about these apps is that you would need to install them on your computer. After doing that, you can connect your iPhone to the computer and recover your unsaved screen recording. Here’s how you use Dr.Fone:

  1. You have to connect your iPhone to a computer using a USB cord.
  2. Open the Dr.Fone app on the computer.
  3. Click on data recovery and it will start scanning for your iPhone that’s connected to the computer.
  4. You will see an option that says “start scan”, click on it to enable Dr.Fone scan your iPhone.
  5. You will be shown a list of data you can recover.
  6. Click on “only display deleted items”. That is where you will find your unsaved screen recording. You can restore it on your iPhone from there.


There could be lots of reasons why your screen recording wasn’t saved but one of the major causes of this issue is that you do not have sufficient storage for the screen recording.

If the storage space left on your iPhone is smaller than the screen recording file, it will not save. To enable your screen recordings to be saved, you have to delete some things on your iPhone in order to free up space. 

Another reason the screen recording didn’t save is because your iPhone could be in low power mode. This mode shuts down a lot of features on your iPhone and it could be one of the reasons why your screen recording refuses to save.

To turn it off you can open your iPhone settings app, tap on battery then you turn off “low power mode”. 

Anything else could be a bug on your iOS software and you can fix that by restarting your iPhone or upgrading the latest version of iOS. These are the best ways to fix a bug and you should be able to save your screen recordings on your iPhone perfectly after this.



It is advised that you delete unnecessary files from your iPhone in order to free up space so that your screen recordings can be saved automatically without any issues. Clear browsing history and large files like some videos you might not need anymore.

You should also try and back up your files and data to iCloud. Doing this will make it easy for you to login and retrieve your unsaved screen recordings without having to reset your phone. 


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