How to Remove Annoying Ads From Windows 11

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Are you tired of unsolicited ads from system services and annoying pop up from Microsoft which in turn tend to ruin your experience while using it? I will be discussing how to remove annoying ads from windows 11

While there is a lot to like with regards to windows 11, there are a couple of things Microsoft didn’t get right, remembering its proceeded with demand for infusing ads promotions into the operating system. Like Windows 10 preceding it, boot up a spic and span windows 11 Pc, and ads promotions will ultimately pop up. Fortunately, the new OS just requires a couple of settings changes to further develop things, assuming you know where to look.

how to remove annoying ads from windows 11

Below Are 5 Ways to remove Annoying Ads From Windows 11

1. Disable Ads From Bloatware

how to remove annoying ads from windows 11

Assuming you’re seeing pop-ups simply over the windows 11 taskbar, it’s possible PC bloatware asking you to register something you don’t require or reminding you about an element you don’t need. What these projects are called will contrast contingent upon your PC’s maker, yet you can take control of them by navigating to Settings > System > Notifications.

go through the rundown of notices and check whether the messages have been coming from any of these entries. windows 11 makes a less than impressive display characterizing what every section is for, so you might have to do a web search to discover more. For example, working on Dell PC, I tracked down that SupportAssist, Suggested, My Dell, and Partner Promo could be in every way switched off.

Assuming you’re certain your PC needn’t need a specific program, head to Settings > Apps > Apps and highlights and track down the product being referred to Click the three-speck menu for itself and select Uninstall.

2. Stop Windows Tips and Suggestions

how to remove annoying ads from windows 11

Beyond system apps, Microsoft will likewise present ideas regarding how to wrap setting up your gadget or tips for how to utilize specific elements. To see these pop-ups, look to the lower part of the Notifications settings page and uncheck Offer ideas on how I can set up my gadget and Get tips and ideas when I use Windows.

3. Turn Off Notifications

how to remove annoying ads from windows 11

You can likewise deal with irritating pop-ups right from the underlying warning. Click the time in the bottom right corner and observe the ads you need to switch off. Click the three-spot symbol and select Turn off all warnings to disable ads for that piece of app.

4. Remove Ads From File Explorer

how to remove annoying ads from windows 11

Microsoft even throws ads promotions into File Explorer to hype up its OneDrive and Office 365 document sync services. To get rid of them, open File Explorer and click on the three-icon in the top ribbon. click on Options to open a dialogue box and click the View tab. Under Advanced settings, find Show sync provider notification and uncheck the options.

5. Disallow Personalized Ads

how to remove annoying ads from windows 11

Windows gives you a one-of-a-kind advertising ID for the sake of serving you more important ads. Nix them through Settings > Privacy and security > General. disable the switch close to Let apps show me customized ads by utilizing my advertising ID.

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