How to Remove Data Plan on iPhone

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Mistakenly transferred a data plan to your iPhone? Or maybe you just plan on removing a data plan on your iPhone for some other reason? Well, if you are planning on removing a data plan on your iPhone you are definitely not alone. A lot of iPhone users are also curious about how to remove a data plan on their iPhone but is it possible to do that? In this article, we are going to give you the perfect answers to these questions. Let’s dive in.


Can I Remove a Data Plan on iPhone?


Whatever your reason might be, all you are wondering right now is how possible it is to remove a data plan on an iPhone. If that is what’s going through your mind, be rest assured that it is actually possible to remove a data plan on your iPhone. The methods to this are pretty easy and they are all effective.

You can choose to cancel the data plans by deleting the contents on your iPhone’s e-sim or canceling the data plan from the settings app. In this article we are going to give you a guide on how you can go about any of these. It doesn’t just end there, you can also choose to contact your data service provider to help you remove your data plan.

Yes, if you have an iPhone with a data plan, you can remove the data plan from your account by contacting your carrier. You will need to provide your carrier with your account information and request that they remove the data plan from your account. Once the data plan has been removed, you will no longer be able to use data services on your iPhone.


What Are Data Plans on iPhone?


Data plans on iPhone are the monthly service plans that include a certain amount of data to use with your iPhone. You can choose from a variety of data plans depending on your needs and on your carrier, the services you might get can greatly vary from carrier to carrier.

These data plans make it easy for you to access the internet through cellular data on your iPhone without having to use or connect to WIFI. Now that you understand what data plans mean, is it possible to remove it from your iPhone when you want to?


To remove a data plan from your iPhone, simply go to Settings > Cellular > Data Plan and select the plan you want to remove.


How to Remove Data Plan on iPhone


If you have an iPhone and you want to remove your data plan, there are a few things that you need to do. First, you need to call your carrier and tell them that you want to cancel your data plan. They will then ask for your account information so they can process the cancellation. We already explained this method but it seems like a stressful method to follow for a lot of people. Are there other ways to remove a data plan on an iPhone? Absolutely, keep reading. 


Method 1


The First method you can follow to remove a data plan on your iPhone is by using the settings app on your iPhone. You can choose to erase the whole contents of the e-sim or disable the feature for cellular data. This should help remove a data plan. How exactly do you do it? Follow the easy steps below to remove a data plan on your iPhone:

  • Open the settings app on your iPhone.
  • On the list of options tap on cellular data.
  • Next, tap on data plans.
  • Tap on the data plan you would like to delete and then tap on remove cellular plan.

After following the steps above, you should be able to remove a cellular data plan on your iPhone. 


how to remove data plan on iphone


Method 2


If your iPhone is  eSIM enabled , they’ll be an option to Remove All Cellular Plans. If you don’t, you won’t see this option.

You can use up to two eSIM on iPhone 13 series. You can use one eSIM on iPhone XR, XS, and later.

Please note that you cannot use eSIM on any iPhone bought in China, Hong Kong, or Macao. Exception: Only iPhone 13 mini, 12 mini, SE (2nd generation), and iPhone XS bought in Hong Kong or Macao support eSIM. If you do not know which iPhone you have.


  • Open the settings app on your iPhone.
  • Click On General
  • Scroll down then tap Transfer or Reset iPhone. In iOS 14 and earlier, it’s Reset.
  • Tap on  remove cellular plan.



Does Erasing iPhone Remove Cellular Plan?


The short answer to this question is NO. Erasing your iPhone does not remove cellular plans from your iPhone. You can lose your photos, contacts, apps and music when you erase your iPhone but it will not affect your cellular data in any way. Why is this so?

The reason why erasing your iPhone does not affect your data plans is because your data plans are services that are provided by your sim card and its carriers. This information is not stored on your iPhone’s system unlike your photos and applications. 


How to Check if You Have a Data Plan on iPhone


If you’re not sure whether or not you have a data plan on your iPhone, there are a few ways to check. The easiest and most recommended method is by using the settings app on your iPhone. Here’s how you check your data plan on iPhone:

  • Open the settings app on your iPhone.
  • On the next screen you will have to tap on cellular.
  • Next, tap on mobile data.


After doing this, you should be able to see your data plans. It is usually displayed as “cellular data” once you tap on the “cellular” options while trying to check your data plan.  You can see a detailed representation of your data plan consisting of what you have spent and what you have left. 

If you still aren’t sure about the figures, you can test it out to see if you have a data plan. For example, open Safari and try loading a webpage. If it loads without any problems, then you have a data plan. But if it doesn’t load or gives you an error message saying that you’re not connected to the internet, then you don’t have a data plan.




Removing data plans on your iPhone is quite easy. In this article, we have explained how you can go about that. You can use the settings app on your iPhone to remove the data plans with the easy steps above. One thing to also understand is that you cannot erase your data plan by erasing the content on your iPhone. It doesn’t work that way, your carrier information isn’t stored on your iPhone’s operating system.


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