How To Rename A Photo On iPhone

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How To Rename a photo on iPhone is very much familiar to photographers. But what if you want to send an official email and you want the photo you are sending to them to be the document title, how will you do it? 

Well, in this article, we are going to explain to you how you can rename any photo of your choice using the iPhone, very simple and precise. 


How To Rename A Photo On iPhone


There are multiple reasons why you would want to rename your photo, maybe for official purposes or for easy identification. 

And if you use the latest version of iOS ( iOS 15) there are a lot of things you can change, adjust and modify when it comes to your photo. 

When you open your gallery and pick a picture, if you swipe up, you can get all the information about that particular picture including the date and time it was taken, the location of the photo, the name you want to change and which camera has been used. 

You will be allowed to change the date when the picture was taken but not the name of the photo. 


They have also introduced captions on the photo which were not on iPhone before, so if you can’t caption your photo, you should consider downloading the latest version of iOS. 

Now, down to the hard part of the whole story which is, changing the name on your photo using your iPhone. 

There are two ways you can get this done and that’s what I will be showing you below.

Let’s go straight to telling you how you can rename a photo on an iPhone

First Trick: Use a Third-party App 


In the first solution, we would consider using a third-party app to get it done.  We would be using an app called Metapho,  it is very simple and has low MB. 


You can download this app on your app store and permit it to have access to all the photos on your iPhone

Even though you can pick and choose the one you want, I would advise you to permit all photos. 

Now, this is how you use the app; 

  • After download
  • Finish up the settings 
  • Open your photo gallery 
  • Click on the picture to want to change the name 
  • Now instead of clicking on the info button, click on the share button 
  • You will be given two option 
  • The first is to copy a photo while the second is metaphor 
  • Click on Metapho
  • It will first give you info about the photo, even more, deeper than what apple gives 
  • To change the name, click on Save as 
  • Wipe the IMG thing and put the name you want 
  • Click on save and your photo will be renamed. 


Second Trick: Save to Files 


This method doesn’t need you to download any third-party app, rather it will give you the option to save your photos to a file and in the process of saving it, you will be able to change the name to whatever you want it to be. Follow the steps below 

  • Open your photo gallery 
  • Select any photo of your choice 
  • Click on the share button 
  • Scroll down till you see Save on File 
  • Click on it 
  • Click on the present name of the photo and it will give you space to change the name 
  • Clear the present name and give it your name 
  • Click on Done
  • Click on Save 

The only thing about this method is that when saved it doesn’t stay at the Gallery rather it stays at the file you saved it. 

So if you want to send the photo by email or send it out, you have to do it through the file.


How To Rename A Photo Album On iPhone


The reason why people give names to their photo albums is to keep their gallery organized and sometimes it helps you find any picture easily. 

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to rename the album if they wish to change the name to something else.  Let’s get started with that 

  • Open your photo gallery 
  • Click on the albums tab 
  • Click on see See All to the right of My Album 
  • The Next thing to do is to click on Edit 
  • Click on the Text of the Album you want to rename (the current name) 
  • Erase the present name and give it your own. 
  • Once you have completed, click on Done 
  • You will be required to click Done again and the process will be completed. 


Can I Rename A Photo On iPhone Gallery? 


Unfortunately, Apple didn’t give you that permission to rename your picture directly from your photo gallery. 

If you wish to rename your photo, you can either download a third-party app that will help you make the changes and keep you doing it through your file. 

To save it on file means you won’t be able to see it in the gallery, rather it will remain on file so if you wish to change the name maybe for official purposes. 


Go to your gallery > Click on the image > Click on the share button > Click on Save as File > Click on the current file name > Change the name > Click Done and your image file will be saved in the name you want. 

Like I said before, this picture can’t be seen in your gallery, rather it will remain on your file where you saved it. 

If you want it to show in your gallery then you have to make the edit using a third-party app and I highly recommend you use metapho, it is simple and easy to use.


Why Can’t I Rename A Photo On iPhone Gallery

Apple didn’t permit anybody to rename the name on their photos through the gallery. 

While in the gallery, you will have the opportunity to see all details about your photo, the year, date and month it was snapped, and even the time it was snapped, it will equally show you the location and the type of camera that was used to snap the photo. 


The only feature it will unfortunately not show you is the Change or rename photo option. 

The only way you can do it is to use a third-party app which I will recommend metapho or check the app store to see any other app that is equivalent to metaphor and use it. 

You can also change the name by saving the image or photo as a file. The only disadvantage of this method is that it doesn’t keep the picture in your gallery.

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How To Caption A Photo On iPhone 


If you are using the latest iOS version like iOS 15, then you should be familiar with the new feature that comes with it like “Caption” for your photo. 

Here is how you can caption a photo on iPhone; 

  • Open the photo App 
  • Click on the photo you want to caption 
  • Swipe up to see the features of the photo 
  • Under the picture, you will see Add Caption
  • Click on it and put your caption, when done, click Done to save it 



People have different reasons why they want to rename a photo on iPhone and one of those reasons is for official purposes. 

 iPhone didn’t give you that feature and that is what we have been able to explain and have provided you with a guide on how to do it. 


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