How To Save Instagram Profile Pictures On iPhone?

How To Save Instagram Profile Pictures On iPhone?

Social media platforms like Instagram and other micro blogging platforms can serve as a storage for your images They fit this purpose primarily for two reasons;

  1. No one shares your account with you and except you delete a picture, no other person can.
  2. Instagram is one of the top Social media platforms with a large dependable database, and personally I don’t see Instagram going away yet, rather it’ll only get better.

However, Instagram does not make it easy to save a profile photo, reason being that only a particular circular portion of a full uploaded image is the standard required as profile photo. You may need the image sooner or later, that’s why I’ve put together for you how to save Instagram profile on iPhone. Continue reading to find out.


How To Save Instagram Profile Picture On iPhone?

It’s not impossible that the profile image you have uploaded to your Instagram account is the only copy that exists anywhere, making it frustrating to find that Instagram wouldn’t let you download it again with a click as with other social platforms.

While several speculations about why Instagram have chosen this build for the platform have suggested that it’s for privacy reasons, which does make sense, but Instagram is yet to release any statement about it. 

In my opinion, they owe no one any explanation since the company’s subsidiary platform – Facebook allows the download of profile pictures. Hence Instagram not permitting the download of profile picture could only be a choice of design.

Their a couple ways to save your Instagram profile picture on iPhone, below I’ve made a list of apps and online tools which can help you have your image sitted in your photo gallery in only a few seconds. Follow the below guide;

InstagramDownload tool

Using the InstagramDownload tool is by far on of the quickest ways to save your Instagram profile image to you iPhone. It’s an online tool, meaning that you do not have need to download any more third party apps. All you need is the website URL entered into the Safari webs browser or any other browser of your choice.

Not only can you download Insta profile images straight to your photo gallery, you can also save other interesting parts of Instagram like Insta stories, posts, Insta reels and many other things using the tool. 

Without further ado, lets swing right unto how you can save your profile picture on iPhone using the InstagramDownload too, use the below guide;

  • Login to your Instagram account on Safari or your favourite browser.
  • Make sure you’re on your profile. Head straight to the search box right at the top of the page and copy the URL you find there. To copy, first highlight the URL by tapping and holding one end of the URL, a pop up of different options will appear, tap on Copy.
  • With that done, you’re already halfway through the process. Now open the link – InstagramDownload
  • You’ll find an input box right on the Home screen of the website, this is where to paste the Instagram link you have just copied. To paste the profile link, tap and hold your finger in the space, an option to paste the link from your clipboard.
  • Hit the button – Search
  • Your Instagram profile will appear after the Search is completed. To download the profile image, tap and hold the profile image. A list of options will appear, tap on Add to Photos
  • Verify that the image have been saved to your gallery by checking the photos app. 


With Instadp, you can download the original resolution of your Instagram profile photo using the Instadp online tool. It takes less than one minute to complete the process on the website making it one of the fastest ways to download Instagram profile photo on iPhone.

Best thing about the tool is that unlike the previous tool that was just reviewed  – InstagramDownload, you can download the full size of your profile image and same quality just as it was before it was uploaded. So if you’re looking for high quality resolution of your image then Instadp should be your go-to tool.

Follow the below guide to save your Instagram profile picture using Instadp;

  • Go to the Instadp website 
  • From the Home page, tap on Profile Pictures Downloader
  • Enter your Instagram Username in the search box provided
  • Tap on the Search icon and then Continue 
  • Tap and hold on the image that appears, tap on Add to Photos from the list of options that appears.

This saves the profile image to your gallery and the image delivered in full size and quality resolution.


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Qeek App

With the Qeek app, you get all of the features that have been discussed above and even more. Apart from the regular Profile photo viewing and downloading as obtainable with the other tools, you can also analyze photos and other media files on Instagram by zooming in on photos by up to 800%.

Follow the below guide to download Instagram profile photo using the Qeek app.

  • Head over to the App store to download the Qeek app
  • Enter your Instagram Username 
  • Tap on the profile image to display the full size
  • Tap the download icon just above the image to download the image to your photo gallery.

That’s how easy it is to download insta profile photo using the Qeek app. However, the app is a paid app. While you can use the other features available on the app freely, you’ll not be able to download images or other download-able media files. Qeeky Pro account is available in Monthly and yearly subscriptions.



Can I Save Someone Else’s Instagram Photo On iPhone?

Yes, with all the tools outlined above, you can use any to save some else’s Instagram photo on your iPhone. All you need is either persons profile link accessible from Instagram web version or simply the Username which is not difficult to find.

However, Instagram does not approve of this due to copyright issues and you should be careful how you handle resource materials on Instagram belonging to other handles. It is primarily for this reason that Instagram does to make it easy to download Profile pictures and other images belonging to other accounts.

If you’re caught using another persons photo content on Instagram, you could be reported, the resultant implication will be that your account may be suspended for life. 

To be safe enough, always ask for the permission of the account that owns the original rights to the photo to use the image or at least attribute them visibly before using the photo for anything.


Why Is My Instagram Profile Picture Not Saving On iPhone

If you’re looking to download your Instagram profile image directly from the Instagram platform, whether app or web version, then I’m sorry, your request cannot be granted. 

Instagram has never allowed this on the platform and they’re likely to leave it that way for life. That’s their own way of reducing content piracy and copyright issues. 

However, that’s not to say that a work around doesn’t exist. Some web and App developers have developed online tools and apps respectively that can be used to download any Instagram profile picture and that in less than a minute. I have some them listed for you above, use any to have your Insta profile sitted in your iPhone photo gallery.



Photos sometimes can speak louder than voice, they’re memories and tell volumes of stories. Unfortunately, Instagram traps whatsoever image set as profile. Instead of let Instagram cease your image in the name of profile picture, use the above guide on how to save Instagram profile picture on iPhone to retrieve your pictures. 

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