How To See Calculator History On iPhone?

How To See Calculator History On iPhone?

Digits are the one thing that can’t easily stick to your memory, believe it or not. Whether you’re calculating your monthly grocery budget or summing up taxes, you need to be able to retrace what numbers gave the total figure.

This is why an app like the calculator that deals with numbers should have at least where you can see what calculations you’ve made in the past. In this article, you’ll learn how to see calculation history on the iPhone if that’s a possibility. Continue reading to find out!

How To See Calculator History On iPhone?

You must have been frustrated one or more times because you were not able to see where to look at your calculation history on the native iPhone calculator. Well, I’m sorry to disclose to you that the calculator you have on your iPhone does not and has never been able to display calculation history. 

This may come as a shock to you as a phone that costs a fortune lacks such basic features. I’m not particularly sure why this is so, but It’s obvious Apple does not give care to little details. 

iPhone still displays history, should I say history? Or it just shows you the result of the calculation you made last on the calculator. That’s it and nothing else. That doesn’t make much difference as you’re still not shown what mathematical operation and digits came about the result.

Here’s how to see your last calculation on your iPhone;

  • Go to the calculator app
  • Press and hold the  calculator.
  • The option ‘Copy Last Result’ will appear on the screen
  • Tap on it to copy the result.

If that doesn’t satisfy your need for a calculator, then you’d have to do something about it. If you don’t mind trying other non native iPhone calculator apps, there are simple solutions you can employ to enjoy the calculation history feature. 

Below are selected-for-you third party apps you can install from the app store. Apart from offering a history display for your calculations, they are also great apps with an easy interface and multiple features you won’t find on the native iPhone calculator. Here are the top three vetted calculator applications;

Calculator with History +

Great app that solves the calculation history problem really effectively. From the developers choice of name for the app, it’s clear that the calculation history issue on the native iPhone calculator inspired the development of the app. 

You can easily find history for your previous Arithmetic operations by swiping down from the top of the app. App history is never deleted except you manually do that, which keeps your history safe and you can always go back to it anytime. Also if you are a nerd, needing more advanced functions more advanced, the app also has got you covered. 

Other features you may like include;

  • Can be used in over 25 different languages
  • Scientific calculation
  • Color customization
  • Ad free
  • Voice broadcast
  • Keyboard sound and vibration

Thing is, you may need to pay a premium for advanced features. But assuredly, the gap between the free and the paid isn’t so wide.

Calculator HD Pro Lite

I think I like how the Calculator HD Pro lite displays history for calculations. For every calculation that is saved to history, a date is stamped just to the left of it along with the exact time the calculation was carried out as well as arithmetic operations made. 

I won’t also fail to mention that you can label every calculation you make on the app. Hence, it’s impossible to misplace calculations. You can label them right on the spot as you make the calculation which also saves history. 

Another great feature that has helped the app garner a 4.6 over 5 star rating from reviews made by over 40 people is its compatibility with everyone – the young and old alike. With obviously large buttons for numbers and functions, you have enough space to flex your finger over a digit which adds to your comfort.  

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Other features you may also like include;

  • Up to 10 color themes available and full customization
  • A dual line display that shows input and result of calculations at the same time.
  • Scientific calculations is possible
  • Email a full calculation to anyone
  • 3D touch

The list goes on and on. On top of that the app is entirely free to use. Maybe this is the app you should start with.


A user speaking about the PCalc calculator app said that it is as smooth as silk and he couldn’t be wrong. The app offers all the advanced features any calculator app could imagine while still maintaining lightweight and being unbelievably fast. The calculation history feature took one of the best positions in the app and can be easily accessed from anywhere on the app. 

And just so you can continue calculating and keep your history close to you at all times, the calculator also has a WatchOS version. Your data on the app, including every piece of customization will be distributed everywhere your Apple ID is logged in, and that includes your Apple watch.

Other features you may like include;

  • Up to 4 multiple line display
  • Unit conversion
  • Paper tape
  • Complete customization
  • App data sync across all your devices
  • Undo and Redo ability. I love this one!

Unlike the first two that have been discussed above, the PCalc is a paid app, costing $9.99 per month. The calculator app is best suited for engineers, students, programmers, scientists and any other category that fits. 

If what you’re looking for is just a calculator to add, subtract, multiply and have your history saved for future references, then this app may be a little too much for you.

Can You View History On An iPhone Calculator?

Unfortunately, NO. Apple is very aware of this and definitely doing nothing about it. It’s been that way since time immemorial. We can only hope Apple will at a later date add the snippet of code to the calculator app that will add the history feature to her native iPhone calculator app.

If you badly need to see your history of calculations on your iPhone, you’re not without options. Some third party apps have been able to solve the problem of inadequacy posed by the iPhone native  calculator app. 

Download any app of your choice below to get the calculation history feature on your iPhone. 

    1. Calcularium
    2. PCalc
    3. Calculator HD Pro lite
  • Calculator with History +


Not every calculation on your iPhone deserves to be lost and on top of that numbers are just too volatile. This moment you can remember the arithmetic you did and the next moment, you’re missing a figure or two. Very frustrating. Although the iPhone built-in app doesn’t yet support the feature, some trusted third party apps do. Use any of the above selected apps to see calculator history on iPhone

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