How To See Recently Added Contact On iPhone

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Contact building is part of life, especially for business people who meet potential clients every day.


It is sad to check your contact list and you won’t be able to find the contact of the person you save, it is even more frustrating if the number is of special importance.


In this article, we will show you a step-by-step guide on how you can find a recently added number on your iPhone without stress.


How To See Recently Added Contact On iPhone


  • Open your iPhone
  • Open your phone contact
  • Go to Recent Contact
  • You will see the list of contact you have gotten for the last 24 hour


But in a case where you have forgotten the name you used to save the contact, what will you do.

This is mostly for those who meet a lot of persons on daily and exchange a lot of contacts


This will equally be leading us to the second option if you feel you won’t remember the person.


The use of third-party apps has turned out to be a lifesaver for so many persons who can’t afford to lose contact or are too forgetful of the name they saved contact as.


There are a lot of third-party apps out there in the app store which you can download and use.


I will only be giving you a top recommendation for easy access and easy use.




Using this app is very simple and doesn’t require any personal data or information from you.


How To Use Contact Last Entries And Search On iPhone


  • Download the app from the app store
  • Open it
  • Click on the name icon at the top right corner of the app
  • Change it to Date
With this, all your contacts will be arranged according to the date they were saved.


However, using the first method is just the best because all the third-party apps can sometimes misbehave.

Just like the apps mentioned above, sometimes it freezes and can be very annoying.


Can I See When A Contact Was Added to My iphone


To arrange your contact, you decide how you want your contact to be saved in your contact setting.


While in your contact saving you will be given the option to choose whether to sort contacts by name or by date.


Yes, it is very much possible to see the contacts and when it was saved on your iPhone.


One of the best ways to find when a contact was added to your phone is to open your contact app, and then click on the Creation date field which will give you the date and list of all the contact stores on your iPhone.


For iPhone users, you are required to have an iCloud account which automatically backs up every information you have on your phone like your contact, music, videos, diaries etc.


Another way to find out when contact was saved on your phone is to login into your iCloud account and turn on Sync.


iCloud helps you keep track of everything you have on your phone, so when you sync your contact, it will bring out all the contacts you have saved so far and the days it was saved is also available.


Well, in as much as you can’t get the much-required result from just looking up through the phone contact, you can also use a third-party app.

With their party app, or will be easier for you to find and faster too. With the right third-party app like Contact Last Entries, your contacts will be listed either by names (alphabetically) or according to how it was saved.


The app is very much similar to the Ios-built view, with phone numbers below the name of the contact.

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Why Can’t I See Recently Added On iPhone


Sometimes you will add a new contact but you will end up not seeing the contact, when this happens to you, do not panic.


It has happened to a lot of people and this is due to malfunction coming from your iOS device (iPhone)


Meanwhile, these issues can equally be solved without much stress.


There are so many ways to solve this issue, which is what we are going to be guiding you through today.


1. Restart Your iPhone


This issue is only seen with iPhone users only, some android users also get to face this issue of new contacts now showing up on their contact list.


If you encounter this Challenge and don’t see the contact, the next thing you should do is restart your phone.


With this method, everything will fall back to base and your contact will be right in front of you.


2. Reconnect Icloud Account


The job of your cloud is to back up every piece of data that you have on your phone.


If you have tried the first which is to off your phone and on it back and it still doesn’t work


The next thing to do is to sign out of your cloud account and sign in again, this way all your contact will be back on your phone.


3. Restore From Backup


This third method is for those that have backed up their phone and if you haven’t done so, please do it now to avoid serious loss of files in the future.


It might be possible that your new contact was mistakenly deleted or any other thing may occur that led to the loss.


What you need to do is to restore from backup the contact you seek to see and it will be back. Just like I said, this is for those whose phones are backed up.


There are still some other methods you can use if you can’t see your newly added contact like checking your contact groups and re-syncing contact.



Having known all these, we are sure by now you won’t find it hard to discover the new numbers that you can’t find or how to see when a new contact was added to your iPhone.


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