How to See What’s on My iPhone Sim Card 

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Every iPhone has a SIM card embedded in it. Our SIM cards are usually responsible for giving us quick internet access but these microchips offer more than this. Our contacts and messages are also stored in our SIM cards but what if there’s more? Asides all of your regular contacts and messages, you might be wondering what is also stored on your SIM card and how you can actually check it out. If you are curious on what is stored on your SIM card, you’re reading the perfect article. 


Are There Other Things Stored on My Sim Card?

Aside your contacts and messages, are there other important things stored on you SIM cards? Absolutely! There are a few applications stored on your SIM card that you may have never come across. The SIM card is a memory chip that does not just hold your contacts but also a few applications that aid the SIM card with most of its activities.

These applications found on your SIM cards are usually preinstalled. They are all stored in your SIM cards for a specific purpose. The purpose of these applications is to help the SIM card to carry out all of its activities smoothly like we had mentioned. Without these applications, you will not be able to successfully connect to Wi-Fi, browse the internet, access call logs and even check your data balances. 

Your SIM cards also contain other information like your personal ID number, your international ID number (for your SIM) and your network provider. These information cannot be easily accepted using your regular contacts app on your iPhone. Since all of these information are stored on the SIM card, how do you check them out? Is it possible to do so? Keep on reading to find out.

Can You See What’s on Your Sim Card?

Your SIM card doesn’t just hold information about your contacts and images, it also acts as a storage spaced for a few applications. These applications are usually built in the SIM card to help it carry out most of it day to day functions effectively. These functions range from being able to check balances, connect to wireless networks and so on.

Since there are applications and information stored on the SIM card, is it actually possible for you to see them? Well, you can. It is very possible to see what’s on your SIM card and it is pretty easy to do so. All you have to do is go through the right settings and you should be able to check them out in no time.

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How to See What’s on My iPhone Sim Card 

Your contact and call logs on your SIM card are pretty accessible through the contacts app on your iPhone but what about the hidden information stored on your SIM cards? If you plan on viewing the different things stored in your SIM card other than your contacts, you will have to take a whole different approach in order to do so. 

While it might sound a bit technical to view the contents of your SIM card, it really isn’t. The steps are pretty easy to follow and you should be able to see what’s know your SIM card when you are done following the steps in this article. Here’s what type need to do:

  • Launch the setting app on your iPhone.
  • On the list of options you will have to scroll and then tap on mobile data.
  • On the next screen you have to tap on SIM applications.
  • You should know get a preview of all the applications stored on your SIM card which you can tap on to get a better view on what purpose they serve.

It’s that quick and easy. Take note that even if you try to delete any of the listed apps on your SIM, they will not be permanently deleted. This is because every app that was built in the SIM usually serves a purpose and this makes it difficult to try and get rid of them. 

You can also change other information stored on your SIM cards like the ID number (both personal and international ID), expiry date and even you network provider. To check this out, follow the steps below:

  • Open the settings app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll and tap on cellular.
  • Tap on the view accounts option under cellular data options.

You should know see all the information about your SIM card displayed on the next screen. Information like your phone number, international and personal ID. 

Is It Possible for Photos to Be Stored on iPhone Sim Cards?

The SIM card is actually a memory chip that is used to store different information. It might be a memory chip but it is not possible to actually store pictures in them. There are a few reasons why this is not possible. The first being that the SIM card has a very limited storage capacity that will not be able to contain most of the images you usually take with your iPhone.

Another reason is that the SIM cards aren’t designed to be memory chips that are not meant to store media by default. The only information meant to be stored on your SIM cards are your contacts, messages and anything related to that. The applications on your SIM card are designed to help with the effectiveness of your SIM and so they are stored in there. Asides that, it is not possible to store any media on your SIM cards.



There’s a lot more information stored on your iPhone’ SIM card aside your regular contacts and messages. If you were curious on how you can check them out, this article must have helped explained everything you told know in order to see what’s on your SIM card. Different applications and information stored on you iPhone are useful for the whole effectiveness of the SIM and to help you with any faults that might occur in the future. 


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