How To Show Alarm Icon On iPhone 13?

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Just like you know it from the WIFI icon that appears at the top of your screen that your iPhone is connected to internet, that’s how you should also know that you have an alarm queued at the sight of the alarm icon. However recently, many iPhone 13 users have complained that their alarm icon had just vanished from the usual spot at the top and it doesn’t matter how many alarms they have set, the icon won’t just show.

In this article, you’ll learn how to show the alarm icon on iPhone 13. continue reading to find out.


How To Show Alarm Icon On iPhone 13?

The alarm for most people is one important aspect of their iPhone as it is used everyday. If you don’t need an alarm to remind you that it’s bead time, you’d probably need one to tell you that daylight is here. How about catching up with appointments an d work, you can trust your alarm to be your buddy in moments like this.

For these reasons and many more is why most iPhone 13 users are upset at the fact that they don’t find the alarm icon at the usual spot – the top of the screen close to the battery icon. It’s even more painful because it used to be their until the recent update to IOS 14 that changed everything. 

To get things straight, iPhone 13 isn’t the only iPhone model experiencing the disappearance of alarm icon at the status bar, the truth is every iPhone running IOS 14 is. So you see? For the most part, the problem is not basically your iPhone 13, but the IOS version your iPhone runs.

Here’s what I mean, iPhone 8 running IOS 13 will display the alarm icon at the status bar, but same iPhone 8 upgrades to IOS 14 and will have the alarm icon disappear from the regular spot.

This may come as a shock to you, but the IOS 14 was made considering only the physical features of the iPhone 13. Due to the super-sized notch you find right at the top of the screen, there isn’t much space anymore to display all the icons that used to be on the status bar. Apple had to move some icons to another position, leaving only the battery icon, your Carrier network, and WIFI icons positioned to the right of the screen, while to the left is the time.

So the alarm icon on iPhone 13 was not removed but it got moved. The new location for the alarm icon is at the Control Center, you least expected that right? Well, it is what it is. This does not only apply to iPhone 13 users but to everyone running IOS 14, regardless of iPhone models with some real estate at the status bar. Apple couldn’t stress writing different IOS scripts for notch and notchless iPhones.

To view the alarm icon in the new location, follow the below guide;

  • On your Home screen, swipe down from the top-right corner 
  • If you have an alarm set, you’ll see the alarm icon right at the top, towards the right in the control center screen.

I know this is quite inconvenient, but that is the new reality on your iPhone 13 and will likely continue that way if the notch feature is sustained in future iPhones.



Why is My Alarm Icon Not Showing On iPhone

If you don’t find your alarm icon at the status bar located at the top of the screen or at the control center for iPhone running IOS 13 or below and IOS 14 respectively, then a few things would have gone wrong. 

Use the below guide to troubleshoot why your alarm icon is not showing on iPhone;

Verify if you have alarm set

This is where you should start your trouble shooting from. It’s not impossible to think that you have an alarm set while in reality non was. As you already know, the alarm icon is only to show when there is an alarm set, otherwise it doesn’t make an appearance either at the status bar or at the control center.

To verify that you have an alarm set, follow the below guide;

  • Open the Clock app
  • Just at the bottom of the screen, tap Alarm
  • If you have one or more alarms set, it’ll appear as a list according to how they should ring.
  • If you find non, then you should have an alarm for the desired time set, look again at the status bar or Control Center, you should see the alarm icon.

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Restart iPhone

Minor bugs affecting software could also be responsible for the alarm icon not showing. Like many other simple issue on iPhone that are easily trouble shot by just restarting the device, this case is no different.


By restarting your iPhone, you give it the opportunity to start all of its core function afresh and to resolve any conflicts between hardware and software. 

To restart your iPhone, follow the below guide;

    • Press and hold the power button by the side of your iPhone
    • Slide the button yo appears to the right that says Power Off, your iPhone will go off.
    • Allow about 30 seconds, press and hold the power button again to on.
    • Your iPhone will boot into the lock screen if you have one set or Home screen.
  • Verify that the issue is solved by checking the status bar at the top or swiping down from the right to view the control center. If you still can’t find it, continue with the rest of the solutions below.

Reset all Settings

When you Reset all Settings on your iPhone, all default settings are restored. There are so many confusing things in the Settings application and just flipping a switch to on, off or even disabling a feature can do a whole lot if things.

Especially when you’re not too conversant with how to navigate your iPhone, this can happen without your knowledge. Well, it may also not be you, if you have a little child who’s inquisitive to know why your iPhone screen shines a colorful light, he just might enter anywhere and tumble a lot of things.

To reset your iPhone Settings, follow the below guide;


  • Open iPhone Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Scroll down, tap on Reset
  • Tap on the first option – Reset All Settings
  • You may need to enter your Passcode, do so if prompted
  • Confirm your action by tapping on Reset All Settings

Do not worry about loosing data or other files, it’s totally safe to Reset All Settings, it just bring everything back to default.

Is There An Alarm Icon On iPhone 13?

Yes, the alarm feature and its icon has been since the beginning of the iPhone and it’s not going anywhere, no matter the IOS version or iPhone model launched.

Can there be an alarm feature and not an accompanying alarm icon to signal that you have an alarm set? I don’t think so. The only reason you feel that the icon is no more on iPhone 13 is because it can no longer be found at the usual status bar position. 

The notch on the iPhone 13 made it very classy but that was truly the cost of not having an alarm icon, so it’s either a notch and no alarm icon, or the other way round, never can it be both. The primary reason is that the space at the top (status bar), has been so diminished due to the introduction of the notch on iPhone 13 giving room for only a few icons.

The icon you seek has been moved to a rather permanent site as far as Apple is concerned – the Control Center. From now onward, if you want to see if you have an alarm set on your iPhone 13, just open the Control Center, and look towards the top of the screen.



The implication of Apple moving the alarm icon to the Control Center screen is that you no longer can see at one glance if you have an alarm set, it is now a one step process – swipe to open the control center to show the alarm icon on iPhone. We can only hope that Apple changes that in the coming IOS 15 launching by fall given how many users have talked against it.


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