How to Stop Email Going to Junk On iPhone

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A lot of us are really dependent on our emails to send and receive important information. Emails generally make it easy to do so. Sometimes, some of our important emails do not end up in our inbox but they end up appearing in the junk folder. When this happens, you start searching for ways on how to stop email going to junk in the iPhone. In this article, we’re going to cover everything you need to know.


Can You Stop Email Going to Junk On iPhone

The answer is a big YES. You can stop your email from being sent into the junk folder on your iPhone and it isn’t a difficult process. The emails that are sent to junk on your iPhone are usually from one sender or two. You can create a whitelist that automatically filters the emails you get from these senders and stop them from going directly into the junk folder. We’re going to give you a step by step guide on what you will need to do.



How to Stop Email Going to Junk On iPhone

When your emails are being sent to the junk folder, there are a few things you can actually do to fix this issue. You can actually access the junk folder and restore your email from there and you can also create a whitelist that filters your email and stops it from going into the junk folder. Here’s all you need to do:

1. Using the junk folder:

Most of the time, it’s always the emails of a particular sender or person that gets directed into the junk folder. When this happens, you can totally sort it out and stop it from being sent to the junk folder automatically. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • Open the mail app on your iPhone.
  • At the top left corner of your screen tap on your profile.
  • On the next screen, scroll down the list of options and tap on junk or spam.
  • You will see a list of messages in the junk folder, locate the one you would like to restore. Tap on it to open the email.
  • At the bottom of the screen you will notice a toolbar. All you have to do is tap on the folder icon that is located on the toolbar.
  • You will now see a list of folders you can move the email to. Tap on anyone of your choice. 

What this means is that from that moment on, any email you get from that sender will not be going into the junk folder but will instead be sent into the folder you had picked. This process will now be automatic. 

2. Add filters:

Another method you can try to stop your emails from heading into the junk file is by creating a filter for them. Creating a filter means that you will be able to choose a particular sender or individual and filter their emails to stop it from going into the junk file. What you’re doing is creating a whitelist for your emails. Here’s what to do:

  • Launch the mail app on your iPhone.
  • On the search bar, put in the name of the sender you would like to whitelist. You can also choose to whitelist a particular word. Just put it in the search bar.
  •  There’s an icon with three sliders beside the search bar, tap on it.
  • You will be given a list of things to fill relating to the sender you want to whitelist. After filling this information, tap on create filter at the bottom of the screen.
  • On the next pop-up, tap on never send it to spam.
  • Confirm by tapping on the create filter.

At the end of following these steps you must have successfully created a filter for your email. Any message coming from that particular sender or relating to the word you choose will not be sent to the junk folder anymore. 


Why Does My Email Go To A Junk File On iPhone?

There is no specific reason why your emails are being sent to the junk file on your iPhone. Lots of factors can be responsible for this. It can be that you have the wrong settings toggled on in the mail app or the email you are receiving has a lot of problems. If the email has problems, the email app will automatically mark it as unsafe and direct it to the junk folder. Here’s a more detailed explanation on why your emails are being sent to junk:

Numerous spam complaints from sender:

One reason the email has been sent to the junk folder is because the sender of the email has continuously been reported as spam in the past. The mail app notices this and tries to protect you from the emails sent by this individual. Emails that are usually marked as spam are emails that are out to scam you. Your mail app does a good job of noticing this and automatically sends the mail down the junk folder.

At the same time it can also mark authentic mail as spam. Some authentic mails that are marked as spam are usually because they are always sent in bulk. You can go through the junk file to locate the authentic email and use the methods above to restore it or stop sending the emails from that sender to the junk file.

Numerous spam complaints from sender:

Sketchy IP address:

Some IP addresses are considered dangerous and sketchy on the internet. If the sender of an email has this kind of IP address, their email will automatically be sent into the junk folder as a safety measure. These IP addresses are usually blocked by ISPs making it very hard for their emails to go directly into your inbox.

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The email has numerous links:

Emails that contain a lot of links are usually sent by scammers. Your mail app notices this and automatically sends the email into the junk folder. Of course you might also be getting links from someone authentic, all you have to do is double check on the junk file to know which email is real. 

Email content is of low quality:

Email apps are usually able to scan and detect emails that have contents which will highly be considered as a scam. When the contents of an email are of low quality, they are automatically marked as spam and sent into the junk folder. 


Why Is My Email Still Going to Junk On My iPhone?



The above methods should be enough for you to stop your emails from heading on to the junk file on your iPhone. If they do not work, you should consider restarting your iPhone or updating the iOS of your iPhone to eliminate bugs or glitches that might stop you from fixing the email issue.

If you have restarted your iPhone, you can use the steps below to update your iOS to the latest version using the settings app on you iPhone:

  • Like mentioned, open the settings app.
  • Scroll and tap in general.
  • On the list of options, tap on software update.

Tap on the updates available so it can start downloading. This should eliminate glitches and bugs on your iPhone. Now you can follow the methods above to stop your email from going into junk.


There are a lot of reasons why your emails could be sent into junk on your iPhone. Regardless of why it was sent to the junk file, there are methods you can use to stop this from happening. In this article we have given you a detailed approach on how to stop email going to junk on iPhone and it’s easy to follow. After applying the methods, you should be able to redirect your emails from being sent to the junk folder. 


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