How To Tell If Someone’s iPhone Is Off When Texting

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You want to be sure why your texts have not been read nor replied to, could it be that they had a flat battery and are unable to respond? Luckily, there’s a way to find out what you inquire about. Apple has added several codes that signify if a person’s iPhone is actually switched off or unavailable when you send them a text. 

In this article, you’ll find out just the right indices to look at to be able to determine if your text receiver iPhone is turned off.


How To Tell If Someone’s iPhone Is Turned Off When Texting

Fortunately, this is not a hard thing to find out. Apple color codes messages sent with the iPhone default messaging app – iMessage to symbolize different things. These color codes border just around the green and the blue colors you see when you send out a message using the iMessage app. 

Here’s how to find out from the colors you get if your message was sent to a turned off phone;

1. The Green Color Message

As you already know, the iMessage is not the regular kind of messaging app, it was made specifically for Apple devices and shows a difference in it’s pattern of sending and receiving messages. First, it makes use of an active cellular plan or WIFI connection to send texts as well as multimedia with MMS enabled. 

When you send out a message to an iPhone user, you’re most likely to find that the text color will be blue and not green except in rare occasions that depends on your receivers network condition and also if you’re not hooked up to a WIFI network or out of a cellular data plan.  The blue means that the text was sent to a user who also uses iMessage and has received your text successfully.

Now, you’re sure what the blue represents, how about the green color messages? The green color tells two things;

2. Your Message May Turn Green When Your Receiver’s Phone Is Off.

If you’re sure the receiver uses an iPhone, yet have your messages sent out in green color, then it could be that they have a flat battery and maybe you should check back on them later. 

One way to quickly confirm this if you do not have all the time to wait around, would be to call their line to see if it rings or ask them to leave a voicemail. However, green color messages could also mean a couple different things other than a flat battery, including;

  • Your message was received by a non iPhone user. iPhone switches seamlessly between sending messages as an iMessage or SMS. It prioritizes sending iMessages first, before SMS. Hence the green color message coding is also symbolic of the type of device your text was sent to.
  • If your receiver uses an iPhone, and your message to them turns green yet, it could also be that they’re out of network coverage. iMessage immediately assumes that they’re not active and will pull up the green color.
  • If you’ve run out of a cellular data plan or are not connected to a WIFI network, you may also have your text color in green, because rather than having your text sent as an iMessage, you text will be sent as SMS and will charge the cost of texting from your Carrier plan.
  • If you’ve been blocked by the receiver, you’d also get the green color when you send out text.
  • If your receiver has turned off their iMessage feature for any reason, your messages to them will also turn out to be green in color.

Hence, while the green color can tell you the state of your receiver’s phone, it could also mean a whole lot of different things, you may want to check with other channels if their phone is actually off.

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Will iPhone Text Say Delivered If Phone Is Off?

Yes and No. Complicating right? Here’s why. You need to understand that the iMessage runs primarily because you have an active internet connection, otherwise, it’s just an SMS app. 

Your message will be tagged as delivered even when the receiver’s iPhone goes off because they may have iMessage active on other of their devices like the Apple watch, iPad or Mac. It doesn’t matter if the person’s primary device is the iPhone, the message will say delivered so long as it  was received by one of the devices.

No also because, if your receiver has just one device with iMessage enabled, it’ll only try to send your message to that device and on discovering that the device is not active for being turned off, it’ll not tag the message as delivered..

Will A Text Deliver If Someone’s Phone Is Off?

Yes, iMessage is able to identify when to send texts as an iMessage or just a regular SMS. Once it identifies that the recipient’s phone is dead, it’ll deliver the message, but as an SMS that will be accessible to the receiver when they have their phone turned on again. 

Do iPhone Messages Turn Green When Dead?

Yes, be sure to expect your message to an iPhone user whose phone is dead to be color coded green. This can be a quick way to find out the state of your recipient’s device. However, it should not be relied on completely as the green color messages could also show different things other than a dead phone.



There’s more to the colors you see when you send out a text, but most certainly, it can tell if an iPhone is dead. In other cases, it could be that the text was just sent as an SMS rather than an iMessage. In my opinion, what Apple has failed to do with the iMessage is to revert the green color messages due to dead iPhone to blue once the user comes back online. This is a feature I long to see in the future of iMessage as it’ll help rule out confusion.


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