How to Turn Off HDR on iPhone

How to Turn Off HDR on iPhone

The Hyper Dynamic Range (HDR) feature in your camera gives you detailed photos based on high contrast. The range is usually between light and dark to find the perfect detailed balance for your photos. With this feature turned on, your iPhone will automatically take HDR photos. What happens if you want to turn this feature off? This article will guide through and show you what you should know about turning off HDR on an iPhone.


Can I Turn off HDR On iPhone?

Turning off the HDR feature on your iPhone is very possible. There is nothing complicated about the whole process and you will get to find out about that at the end of this article. Apple has put in various options for its users who think they can do without the HDR feature. The options are easy to access and we’ll give you the methods on how you can access these options to turn off HDR.

With the listed methods in this article, the HDR feature should be temporarily turned off. What this means is that it is possible to toggle off the option and stop the feature from being used on your iPhone. The only way you can get to use the HDR feature again is to toggle it back on. This helps save you the amount of time it takes for HDR to process your photos.

How to Turn Off HDR on iPhone?

Turning off the HDR feature on your iPhone is really easy and straightforward. You can choose to turn it off through the settings app on your iPhone or you can also choose to turn it off directly from your camera app. It doesn’t really matter which method you use, they are both effective in helping you turn off this feature. Here’s all you need to do:

Use the settings app:

Like we mentioned, one of the ways you can use to turn off HDR is by toggling off the option through the settings app on your iPhone. This procedure is very easy to follow and it is effective. Follow the steps below to get started:

  • Launch the settings app on your iPhone.
  • On the next screen you should see the list of available options. Scroll down and tap on the camera option.
  • At the bottom of the screen you should see an option called smart HDR. Tap on the option to toggle it off. 

After toggling off this option, the HDR feature should be disabled on your IPhone and it can only be enabled if you follow the above steps and toggle it back on.

Using the camera app:

Turning off the HDR feature through the camera app is a more direct approach and it is easy. All you have to do is turn off the feature on the camera’s menu. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the camera app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the HDR feature option.
  •  You should see available options on the next pop up, tap on off to successfully turn off the HDR feature.

The HDR feature should now be dormant as long as you do not turn it back on. Like mentioned, because of how long it takes HDR to process your photos, you can now save more time while it is turned off. 

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Why Can’t I Turn Off HDR on My iPhone?

If the above methods don’t seem to work for you, the next best thing to do is to restart your iPhone. It can be that your iPhone has a glitch and to clear it, you need to do a quick restart. After restarting your iPhone, you can apply any or both of the methods above to successfully turn off HDR on your iPhone. 

If you restart your iPhone and the issue persists, then you might be having a software malfunction. If you want to sort this out, it means you will need to take your iPhone to an apple store for repairs. You might need to pay a fee but it all depends on what is actually wrong with the software of your iPhone.

Is It Okay to Turn Off HDR On iPhone?

The HDR feature on your iPhone is meant to help give you the best experience when it comes to taking your pictures. It helps give you a more balanced photo in terms of lighting and it also gives you better details on your photos. What this means is that if you feel your photos are too bright or too dark, the HDR feature will help you to balance it all out.

If you turn off the HDR feature on your iPhone, your camera will not be able to capture perfect light and dark tones as much as you would if the feature was turned on. This is the only side effect you will get if you turn off HDR on your iPhone. Bear in mind that you might still be able to take amazing pictures but they will lack quality compared to HDR photos.

It is recommended that you experiment with the HDR feature before you think of turning it off. Notice how it works and the different ways you can use it to shape your pictures. If you still feel like the HDR feature is unnecessary after doing this, it is okay to turn it off. There will be no issues with the performance of your camera. Your pictures will still be perfect but you might not be able to find the tone the brightness as you would with HDR.



Apple has already given us a few options we can use to turn off the HDR feature on our iPhones. In this article, we’ve explained the different ways you can use to access these options and turn off HDR without any hassle whatsoever. Both methods are quite simple to follow. If you still can’t turn off HDR using the methods listed, it is recommended that you restart your iPhone to eliminate minor bugs or glitches. From there, you can try turning off the HDR feature on your iPhone again and it should work perfectly. 


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