How To Turn Off iPhone Alarm Without Unlocking

How To Turn Off iPhone Alarm Without Unlocking

So it goes that the usual way to turn off an alarm would be to open the Clock app while your iPhone is unlocked, then in the Alarm section, tap on edit to select the particular alarm and then turn it off. You’ll agree with me that this will usually seem like a marathon step to take when you’re still half asleep early in the morning. 

Is there a way to quickly shut the alarm up from your lock screen? In this article, you’ll learn how to turn off an iPhone alarm without unlocking.

How To Turn Off iPhone Alarm Without Unlocking

Knowing how to turn off your alarm without having to unlock your iPhone comes in handy when the alarm has just rung to wake you up in the morning, or you’re in a place where you do  not want to startle people around with the sound of your alarm. 

the iPhone doesn’t make it very easy to turn off the alarm from the lock screen. Users are often required to first unlock the phone to put off an alarm which honestly is inconvenient. 

However, there are a couple of ways available that you can use to turn off your iPhone alarm while it’s still locked or at least stop it from bugging your ear for a moment. Use the guide below;

Swipe to reveal Passcode screen

You can turn off your alarm by swiping on the lock screen to reveal the Pass code screen. This will in turn, turn off your iPhone alarm. You do not need to further unlock your iPhone by entering your Passcode, you simply just end at the point where you’re requested to add your Passcode. This will turn off your alarm and not merely leave it in the snoozed state. 

This is because, getting to the Passcode screen suspends every other activity on the iPhone, and fortunately, the  alarm includes one of those features that gets suspended upon the display of the Passcode screen. 

Best part about turning off your iPhone using this method, is that you can easily do it even without looking at your screen. So the next time the naughty alarm interferes with your sleep, simply swipe up on the screen and it’ll go off. However, this will only work when you swipe after the alarm goes off.

Set Snooze to turn off alarm

You can make some tweaks to the alarm settings to automatically turn off the alarm when you hit the snooze button. Many users actually do not think this is possible, as it defeats the idea of an alarm Snooze. But yes, it’s a choice of design and it’s possible.

Follow the below guide to set snooze to turn off alarm on iPhone;

  • Open the Clock app
  • Tap on the Alarm icon
  • Create a new alarm or if it’s a recurring alarm, tap on it to open the configuration screen
  • Tap on Snooze.
  • Scroll down and toggle the switch to the right of ‘Snooze To Turn Off Alarm’ to on.
  • Tap on Save.

That’s pretty much all you have to do. So instead of having the Snooze button stop the alarm to resume again in about 9 minutes time when tapped, it can actually now be used as the alarms kill code. However, ensure your iPhone is running IOS 13.1 and later.

Press and Hold the Touch ID

iPhone models with a touch ID can be made to turn off the  alarm in the locked state. This will include the iPhone 5s and later that has a Touch ID and runs at least IOS 11.

It doesn’t take too much to do. Follow the simple guide below to turn off your alarm without unlocking your iPhone;

  • When the alarm rings, tap and hold on the Home button.
  • Hold until the alarm goes off, it takes anywhere from 3 – 5 seconds for this to happen.
  • This will put off the alarm completely.

Dismiss alarm from Apple Watch

You can turn off your alarm on your iPhone without unlocking it from a paired Apple watch. Usually, the iPhone will mirror major events happening to your Apple watch, and that includes the alarm. Hence, alarms that are set on your iPhone will be displayed on your paired Apple Watch just when it begins to ring.

Your Apple Watch will display the alarm that is currently ringing as well two options below to either Snooze or Dismiss. What you want to do is tap on the Dismiss button and the alarm will go off.

If you don’t mind wearing your Apple Watch to bed, this can come in handy, apart from that, you can use it to turn off your iPhone alarm remotely at any time.

Snooze from Lock screen/volume keys

If you need the alarm turned off temporarily, or to be reminded later about your appointment, could even be you want to rely on it to help you not to fall too deep asleep, this is the option you need. 


Snoozing your alarm turns the alarm off, but temporarily. Usually, a standard snooze time is 10 minutes, but for some reason Apple explained some time ago, it is 9 minutes on the iPhone.

By and large, you only have about 10 more minutes until the alarm reminds your sleepy head again that it’s morning already. To snooze your alarm from the lock screen, tap on the big Snooze button that appears right in front of your screen.

If that doesn’t meet you well, you can as well tap on any of the volume buttons and your alarm will be snoozed.

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Can Siri Turn Off My Alarm?

Yes, Siri can turn your alarm not only off but on too. If you need Siri to turn off an alarm you’ve changed your mind, you just simply ask it. A simple ‘Hey Siri, turn off my 8am alarm will do’.

However, recently a lot of users, especially those running IOS 13.1 have complained that Siri responds with an error message when asked to turn off the alarm. The error message typically looks like this: ‘Sorry, I can’t turn off your alarm right now’.

If you’ve received a message of this sought from Siri, then you can employ some of the steps below to troubleshoot the issue to get Siri to turn off your alarm.

  • Ensure you have a working internet. If you find that your internet connection is the problem, then you’d have to Reset network Settings. Use the guide below;
  1. Open iPhone Settings
  2. Tap on General
  3. Select and tap on the Rest option
  4. Tap on Reset Network Settings
  • Ensure you have no restrictions placed on what Siri can and cannot do. You may want to review Siri’s access.
  • Update your iPhone to the latest IOS version available to your device.
  • Hard restart your iPhone.

Doing all of these should help correct the software bug and get Siri to be able to turn off your Alarm again.


Apple really wants you to wake upon the sound of your alarm, this could be why they’ve not made it very easy to turn off the alarm in the locked state. They want you to get busy outrightly, by first unlocking your device. That’s only a wide guess anyway. 

Whatever the reason, the alarm is not convenient all the time. Use any of the guides above on how to turn off the iPhone alarm without unlocking to shut it up.

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