How To Turn Off Volume Limit On iPhone

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Loud music playback coming off your iPhone can leave your vibes towering, but iPhone will not let you have it all the time. A volume limit will make sure you do not exceed a certain decibel when playing back music or video but does not affect phone call volumes. By the way, Sound is measured in decibels.

In this article, you’ll learn how to stop your iPhone from forcing you to a particular level of volume above which you cannot play music or any other media content.


How To Turn Off Volume Limit On iPhone

While software automatically limiting sound levels on your iPhone is well-intentioned, you may not need all of that censoring all that time. Apart from that, it can be annoying to have your music volume go down by more than half or more in very few time intervals. 

Depending on what setup you have playing back media on your iPhone, turning off volume limit can vary considerably sometimes, but all follows similar steps. Follow the steps provided below to turn off volume limit on your iPhone;

Turn Off Volume Limiter From Settings

It’s a simple process. Turning volume limiter off from settings is more like a general way to do it. This way, other media content especially video playbacks will not have their volume automatically turned down. Here’s how deactivate volume limiter from settings;

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Scroll down and select Sound and Haptics
  • Under Headphone Audio, tap on Headphone Safety
  • Tap on the toggle switch to the right of  ‘Reduce Loud Sounds’

With this turned off, your music will never be hindered again from sustaining high decibel values. However, you may continue to get notifications warning about unhealthy listening habit. To prevent such bossy advice from coming in again, you just have to flip a second switch off just like was done with the first. Here’s how;

  • With Settings opened, tap on Sound and Haptics
  • Tap on Headphone Safety 
  • Toggle the switch to the right of Headphone Notifications to turn it off

At some other times, turning off Headphone safety may not solve the problem as you may still be hindered from turning volume all the way up. This is particularly true for music playbacks from the music app. If this is the case, then you’d have to disable volume limit for the music app. Here’s how to quickly do that;

  • Open iPhone Settings
  • Scroll down and select Music
  • Under the Playback section, tap on Volume limit
  • Drag the Max volume slider towards the right until it gets to the end.

This sets your Music to play at the highest volume possible without restrictions.

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Can You Turn Off Volume Limit On iPhone?

Yes, it doesn’t take too much to do, with a button flip you’d already have volume limit turned off on your iPhone. Volume limit in it self is a good feature, at least for the fact that it aims at protecting the ear. What’s not good about it is that it can be bossy as it imposes on you a volume range to listen to your media with. 

You may have noticed incessant decrease in volume to a particular level while playing audio on headphone. While this can be surprising to many persons who just hit the volume up button to get rocking deafening sounds again, it never solves the problem. Because only in less than a minute, volume will go low again. 

Here’s why, your iPhone usually will measure how much of audio volume or decibels you’ve consumed in a time interval. This is usually capped at a week and will limit volume from increasing above a recommended level. 

While you can easily turn off Volume limit from iPhone Settings, you may not be able to turn off receiving warning notifications that you’re consuming an unhealthy level of sound. This is exclusive to some countries or regions of the world due to governmental policies and regulations. Hence, for iPhones sold in these areas, headphone Notification Settings cannot be altered.


Effects Of Turning Off Volume Limit On iPhone

The effect of turning off volume limit is exposure to loud sound which causes only one thing – Losing the ability to hear.

Think about it, for iPhone to have added a feature that limits how high your volume can get, it means they’re actively trying to pass a message of safety, right? Generally listening to loud sounds can be harmful to you. A recent study has shown that exposing your ear to decibels around 85db for 8 hours or more can wear your hearing ability.

85db is really a lot more than your ear can stand against, but many Apple users comfortably blast their ear with it. In fact, a study has shown that by 2060, 73 million people would have been already diagnosed of hearing defects.

While Such towering peaks of sound coming from your headphone can be enjoyable and make your entertainment feel worthwhile, they also more than you care to know damage hair cells and auditory nerves in your ear. These tiny cells make hearing possible and can easily wear when they’re bombarded with such loud sound to process. 

The subtle thing is this, exposing oneself to loud sound may not be as dreadful as it has been much talked about in the early stage, however hearing defects may kick off at a later date, at a time unexpected.



Paraphrasing what an iPhone user said, having Volume limit turned on is like having your mum tell you to turn down the volume of your music. That’s funny, but also shows how little many care about their ear. Whether or not it’s a responsibility you’re willing to take, it’s entirely up to you to protect your ear. Apple building a feature such as Volume limit is only a way to make you conscious. Here’s a piece of advice from me to you, do all you can to save your ear while you still can, turn the volume down.


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