How To Turn Off X-Ray Mode On iPhone

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What exactly is the iPhone’s x-ray mode? The iPhone x-ray mode is a negative mode in your phone that displays your phone colors in black and white. Maybe you had put your phone in your pocket and you mistakenly toggled on some settings and now you are finding it hard to find the “turn off” button for the whole x-ray mode and you’re stuck with the funny-looking colors displayed on your screen. Well, look no further because I’m about to explain how you can easily turn off x-ray mode on your iPhone.


What Happens When Your iPhone Displays In X-Ray Mode?

Everything on your iPhone displays in negative i.e. black and white. You never really get to enjoy the unique colors your phone has to offer when this feature is on. Your images and the layout of different apps will look very different and abnormal for no reason. Luckily, there’s an easy way to fix this.

You should also note that most people find it hard to differentiate between x-ray mode and other features like the inverted colors and grayscale features. The reason is because these modes have something in common, they display colors in black and white and some people barely know which is which. You may be thinking that your phone is showing all black and white because it is on x-ray mode when it may actually be because you enabled color filters.

It doesn’t matter if you’re having problems with x-ray mode, color filters or the grayscale settings, this article contains enough information on how you can easily solve every single one of them so you have nothing to worry about. Let’s head to the first step on how to turn off the x-ray mode

  • First and foremost you have to open your settings app.
  • Now you click on the general.
  • Tap on “accessibility”. 
  • Scroll down until you see the x-ray option.
  • Toggle the x-ray option.


If the above steps don’t change the color of your iPhone back to normal, don’t fret. Your phone probably wasn’t in x-ray mode but the color was inverted, changed to grayscale or something else and you can easily fix them by going through the following steps.

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The Color On My iPhone Is Inverted, How Do I Turn It Off?

There are two easy steps on how to change the inverted colors and you can pick anyone to see which works. How do you do it? 

Let’s start with step one:

  • Open your settings app.
  • Click on accessibility
  • You will see the “invert colors” option 
  • You can now choose to toggle it on or off


Step two:

  • Open your Setting app
  • Click on general and head to accessibility, tap on it
  • Click on display and text size
  • You will see the classic invert option
  • Toggle on and off the classic invert option


How Do I Get My Phone Back To Normal Color? You Can Change The Filter

If the above processes still haven’t worked, then your iPhone probably wasn’t in x-ray mode. Don’t worry about that as there’s another setting you can check out to help return your phone’s display back to normal. All you have to do is change the color filter of your iPhone and here is how it is done:

  • Go to the settings app on your phone.
  • Scroll down and tap on accessibility
  • Click on display and text size
  • Scroll down and tap on color filter
  • Turn on and off the color filter


That should return your phone back to a better view.


What Do I Do If The Above Steps Don’t Work?

If the above steps don’t help you turn off the odd color features displaying on your phone then you probably need to restart or reset your iPhone. Your phone may be experiencing some minor bugs that can be fixed once you restart your phone. The following step helps reset your phone back to its default settings and restores your color. Here’s how you do it:

  • Open your settings app
  • Click on general
  • Scroll down and click on reset
  • Click on reset all settings

A pop up will ask you to provide your password, you will enter your iPhone’s password twice.

  • Click on “reset all settings”

Your iPhone is going to restart itself. Make sure your battery is fully charged before carrying these steps to avoid your phone from dying and disrupting the reset while your phone is restarting.
The above steps should definitely help correct whatever display issue you have been facing.


With the above tips you can easily solve whatever display issue you have been facing and it’s that quick and easy. You can also edit and tune the colors in ways that would enhance the aesthetics of your phone. Your phone doesn’t have to display in black and white before you notice that it is having some display issues. Your display could be very reddish or yellowish because of the imbalance of colors in the settings 


How To Fix Color In iPhone?

If your iPhone is displaying colors in a way that looks a bit off to you, there is a way you can easily adjust them to suit your taste whatsoever with some simple steps. Sometimes, you might notice that the overall feel of your iPhones display is looking a bit weird.


It could be that the colors are very dull or brighter than usual and you don’t fancy the new change or maybe you just want to change the different color settings to a particular style that would make your phone stand out. You can easily change and edit things like the color temperature, the contrast and the grayscale however you want it to be. To perform this tasks, you have to go through the following steps:

  • Open your settings app
  • Click on accessibility
  • Click on display accommodations


When you click on the display accommodations, you are now free to edit your display to whatever you think is normal and optimal for you.



When putting your phones in your pockets, do a quick check on your phone and make sure the screen is locked. Leaving your screen active can cause some issues because we’re unaware of the things that are being tapped while they’re in our pockets. A lot of settings could be changed and many of them would not sit well with you, the best solution is to keep your screen locked. iPhones come with spectacular color displays and if you wish to change and modify them to something better, then it’s up to you.


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