How to Turn on Dark Mode for iPhone and iPad

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Have you ever failed when you try to change your iPhones from normal mode to dark mode? this article, how to turn on dark mode for iPhone and iPad is all you need.

If the bright light of your iPhone or iPad display is bothering your eyes or disrupting your sleep, Apple’s iOS and iPadOS now have a good feature that supports system-wide dark mode. Here’s how to activate it.

looking at a white bright screen for a long time is really terrible to the eyes, so because of how terrible it has affected the eye developers was left with no choice but to look for means by incorporating dark themes in their apps in other to reduce the effect or impact of blue light.

But as an iPhone or iPad user you are advantaged than others as you can switch your phone to dark mode with a flip switch.

Can I Turn on Dark Mode for iPhone and iPad


Dark mode has been one of the most sought-after features for iPhone and iPad users. It’s no secret that switching to dark mode can be beneficial in terms of reducing eye strain, conserving battery life, and improving overall visibility.

With the recent demand for dark mode across various applications and platforms, many people are wondering if their iPhones and iPads can be converted from light to dark.

Yes Dark Mode Can Be Enable For iPhone and iPad

But it doesn’t work so on all iPhones, there’s are certain iPhones that don’t support dark mode. Dark mode doesn’t work on iPhone that is running iOS 12 and below, and also for iPad it must have iPadOS.

You can check the version you’re running by following these simple steps SETTING > GENERAL > SOFTWARE UPDATE. When there’s an update available, you just need to click on it and install it. Once your device is updated just follow the below procedures to Turn on dark mode

How to Turn on Dark Mode for iPhone and iPad


On Your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Display & Brightness and click on the dark theme under appearance. This will automatically change the theme for all built-in app. Apps like files, messages, music, news, safari, notes, Tv.

Turn on dark mode is also available in some compatible third-party apps like Gmail. But in apps like Facebook, it will have to be enabled directly from the app.

Customize Notifications on iPhone Customize Notifications on iPhone

We can also turn on dark mode or turn it off from the control center by swiping down the top right corner of the screen long press on the brightness bar you’ll see the dark mode icon in the bottom left corner to turn the feature on and also turn it off

Customize Notifications on iPhone Customize Notifications on iPhone

Schedule Dark Mode


Some people would not want their iPhones to always be in dark mode. So if you’d want your dark mode to be a particular time of the day you want then you have to schedule it.

You can schedule when your device exits or enters dark mode Simply go to Settings & Brightness and click on the automatic option to toggle it on.

Customize Notifications on iPhone Customize Notifications on iPhone

By default, the phone will be on the normal theme until sunset then the dark theme will come up until sunrise. You can also customize the time for light mode and dark mode.

If you would like to customize the time for light mode and dark mode, click on a custom schedule. Then choose the time you want the light mode to turn on and also set the time you want the dark mode to turn on.

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After following all the procedures above these themes will turn on and off on a daily basis. But you should understand that these timings are not constant you can choose to turn on dark mode from the settings or the control panel.



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