How To Turn On Wi-Fi When iPhone Is Locked?

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If you often rely on WIFI calls then you’ll need WIFI turned on and connected to a network when on your home or locked screen. While the usual way has always been to first enter your passcode, giving you access to the rest of your iPhone functionality, including among others the WIFI option, wouldn’t it be nice to do the same on the contrary? That is, have WIFI turned on from the lock screen.

In this article, you’ll learn all there is to know on how to turn On WIFI when iPhone is locked. Continue reading to find out.


How To Turn On Wi-Fi When iPhone Is Locked?

When a device is locked, there’s really not much you can do with it. This applies to most other phone manufacturers and Apple’s iPhone is no different. In fact, it has been said and a proven fact that Apple considered security in its build of the iPhone.

This is seen from the choice of software in use – the IOS, that up until date has never been shared with any other manufacturer to reproduce, adjust or use. The IOS is exclusive to the iPhone. Another indicative of the rich security feature can be seen in the security patches always made available to the IOS available as updates from time to time. 

Needless of saying, you can attest that the iPhone is a tough device, not just about anything goes. Hence for this reason, there is no way available yet to turn on the iPhone WIFI feature from the lock screen. 


Apart from a few commands that Siri can respond to when an iPhone is in the locked state, more secure and private operations cannot be done from outside the home screen. 

While iPhone can still keep WIFI turned on and connected to a network just before it goes to the lock screen, it however cannot be turned off from the lock screen neither can you select another network to connect to, except you unlock the device first.

See? What you can do gets limited when your iPhone is locked. After all, that is what it’s expected to do. If it didn’t pull up all of those restrictions, trust me, you’ll be upset at Apple for giving so much access to an iPhone from the lock screen. 

The only reason you may not be upset right now is because it is you ( the iPhone owner), that is asking how to turn on WIFI from the lock screen . In a moment, also imagine when it was a rouge asking how to access your iPhone without a passcode on your own iPhone, that’s a NO, right? 

The long and short is, you cannot turned on WIFI when iPhone is locked, to turn on WIFI;

  • First you’d have to unlock your device using your Passcode or if Face ID if its enabled on your device
  • Scroll down from the top right to reveal the Control Panel
  • You’ll find the regular WIFI icon, tap on it and the color will go from gray to green. That’s how you know your WIFI is active.

Can You Connect iPhone To Internet without Password?

Forgetting an internet network’s password is not out of this world, it happens everyday to the common person. And in the middle of an emergency, the last thing you want to do is trying to remember a string of password that is rather annoying as consistent with router manufacturers, they do not try to make a passwords any easier except you change to a costume one which most people don’t. 

Below include some of the best ways to connect iPhone to internet without password;

WIFI Sharing

It says ‘WIFI sharing’, meaning that it doesn’t involve just you. With WIFI sharing, someone else can share their WIFI bandwidth with you and you do not require any password for this.

The idea is that they’re not pressured to share with you their password but at the same time are able to share their internet with you. However, you need to make sure that whoever is sharing you internet from their network is trusted. It could be a friend, your partner/spouse, your child or colleague at work. While anybody can fit in, it’s important you make sure the person is trusted.

A few things to make sure of before WIFI sharing is enabled include;

  • The WIFI sharer needs to have you on their contact list as well as your Apple ID
  • You must run IOS 11 together with the sharer
  • The Sharers iPhone must be connected to an active network
  • The Sharers network must use the WPA2 security protocol.

That’s not too much to ask, right? With all those put in place, follow the rest of the guide below to share from your friends WIFI network without password.

  • On your iPhone, turn on WIFI and from the list of networks, select your Sharers network
  • The Sharer will immediately receive a notification of your request to join their network
  • The Sharer will tap on the Share Password Button and your iPhone will immediately be allowed to use the WIFI network.

Create Guest Profile on Router

Most modern Router now allow for guest profile setup and you can take advantage of it to connect your iPhone to a WIFI network without password. Originally, the gust profile setup on any Router is not for the WIFI owner to use but for visitors as the name rightly implies. But, it’s your Router and can do whatever you see fit with it.

When you create a guest profile, it doesn’t need to have a password enabled for it which makes it a good fit for the purpose you want to achieve. 

Follow the below guide to set up a guest WIFI profile that can be connected to without a password;

  • Find your Router’s IP address. It’s usually printed on a sticker by the side of your Router or underneath it.
  • Type the string of number separated by dots into your browser on your computer
  • Enter your Router login credentials into the input boxes you’ll find on the web page.
  • Now in your account, Click on the Wireless Setting option. Depending on your Router manufacturer, the title for this option may vary, but not so much that you won’t know that it’s basically the same.
  • Create a new guest network. You can assign whatever name you want to it, however, the simpler the better.
  • As for password, leave the box empty
  • Check all other relevant options and click on Save.

Now you’ve completed the setup and have created a guest network, just select the network from the WIFI section in Settings and connect to it. Note that a guest network will not replace your original network. Both will be available, but the difference is one uses a password and the other doesn’t. Disable the guest network anytime as you see fit.

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Scan Router QR code

QR codes are everywhere today and they’re making lives more convenient. Instead of type out a long password all the time to connect to a WIFI network, you can save some useful time and energy by just scanning a QR code. 

While some Routers come with QR codes to scan whenever you want to connect, it’s not everywhere yet. If your Router already has a QR code attached, just hold up the inbuilt iPhone QR scanner over it, and you’ll be connected.

If the above stated is not your case, then follow the below guide to create a QR code to login to a WIFI network with, with no password required.

  • Open this WIFI QR code generator website
  • Tap on WIFI
  • Enter your WIFI security protocol; WPA, WEP or none
  • Input your Router SSID
  • For the last time ever, enter your WIFI password
  • Tap on the Generate QR Code button

In only a few seconds a QR code will be generated for just you, scan this code using the inbuilt iPhone QR code scanner and you’ll be connected instantly. To even make things more ABC-like, you can print out the code on a sheet and paste in your room or carry about if that’s what you prefer.


Does Locked iPhone Work On Wi-Fi?

A locked iPhone connected to WIFI will remain connected, however, there’s not much you can do with it. A locked iPhone is protected from all foreign individuals and it’s expected that since you’re the only one who’s to know your passcode, other functions of your iPhone gets working again upon entering your passcode. 

While Siri can work from your lock screen, it doesn’t exceed simple functions like asking for the time, weather and stuff like that. Siri however will not open a web page when asked even with WIFI turned on.

One of the useful things that can happen to a locked iPhone connected to WIFI is that you may still receive WIFI calls aside normal cellular calls, and that is where it ends. You can’t return a call, neither can you initiate one, no, not from the Lock screen.



If you’re still asking how to turn on WIFI when iPhone is locked, well, you already know what the answer is – a capital NO. If you really need to turn on your WIFI, you actually have to type in your passcode, and then the control center, here tap the WIFI icon.


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