How to turn on your battery percentage on iPhone

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Battery icon on the iPhone gives an important approximate of the remaining battery level. — Subsequently it was very easy. we can see our iPhone battery percentage by default or see our battery percentage by just a little toggle in the iPhone Settings app and it would turn on the percentage indicator at the top-right corner of the screen. Things are a little bit different now on the iPhone X iPhone Xr iPhone 11 iPhone 11pro iPhone 11promax and iPhone 12pro iPhone 12pro iPhone 12pro max.


Best Method – How To View Your Battery Percentage On Your iPhone


In this article, i will be teaching you ways that you can view your battery percentage on iphone. After long research; I have found different methods that you can explore to view your iPhone battery percentage. These methods can be used on any iphone device, be it iphone X, iPhone Xr, iPhone 11, iPhone 11pro, iPhone 11promax, iPhone 12pro, or iPhone 12pro max. 


How to turn on your battery percentage on iPhone


You can view how much charge remains in your iPhone battery in the status bar. You can also add a widget to the Home Screen to monitor the battery levels of your iPhone and connected accessories (including AirPods and other devices). 


You Must make sure you have updated your iOS to the latest version (iOS16 or later)

  • Go to Settings  
  • Battery, then turn on Battery Percentage.

On an iPhone with Face ID, the battery percentage appears inside the battery symbol on the status bar.


Tip: On iPhone models with Face ID, you can also swipe down from the top-right corner to quickly view the battery percentage in Control Center.


Check the Control Center



  • Here we go. Viewing your iPhone battery percentage is just as easy as swiping down


Use of Widget- Customize a widget to show your battery percentage on iPhone


As our iPhones become more like miniature computers, and do more for us, it’s important to be able to customize them to our needs. One way to do this is by using widgets.

A widget is a small, specialized window that gives you information or performs a task. In this article, we’ll show you how to customize a widget to show your battery percentage.

You can view your battery percentage on your iPhone X, iPhone Xr, iPhone 11, iPhone 11pro, iPhone 11promax, iPhone 12pro, or iPhone 12pro max by adding a widget on your iPhone home page


  • Go to the home screen , then tap and hold empty space or portion on your home screen


  • Click on + sign


  • Scroll down until you see batteries then choose the option


  • Select add widget


  • That’s it. and you’ll always see your battery percentage summary without having to swipe.



Most iPhone devices show how much battery life is remaining as a percentage, but most times this feature is not enabled by default. If your iPhone device doesn’t show the battery percentage, you may be able to enable it in the settings menu.

Does iOS 16 show battery percentage?

iOS 16 was released on September 16 and includes many new features, one of which being the ability to see your battery percentage.

If you’re running iOS 16, you can easily see your battery percentage in the status bar.

Apple added the battery percentage display icon in an iOS 16 beta over the summer. The new toggle, which can be found within Settings and Battery, enables users to always see their battery percentage directly in the status bar without having to swipe down into Control Center.


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