How To Underline Text On iPhone

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The availability of several text formats can help you pass your message just the way you want or make a jot more comprehensive. Among the other text formats like the Bold, strike through, and italicizing, the underline text format is usually the most used. Any text that you have underlined is by default and subconsciously marked as important by your reader.

In this article, you’ll learn how to underline text on an iPhone easily, without installing an extra app or anything like it.

How To Underline Text On iPhone

If not for anything, headlines in your text, as well as lines you want to emphasize, should be underlined, otherwise, you may risk losing the readability of your copy. There are a couple of ways available to underline a text on iPhone and may vary depending on the platform where you write your text.

It doesn’t matter where, use the guide provided below to format your text using the underline feature.

Underlining Text In Notepad App

It’s very easy to underline text in the notepad app and it really doesn’t take too much. If you know how to highlight texts, then you’re all good to go. To underline your text when using the notepad app, follow the below guide;

  • Open the notepad app
  • Make a line of text. Highlight a word or use the slider to select more than one text  to underline. To highlight, simply press and hold your finger on the word or double tap on it. Use the slider that appears at both ends of the highlight color, pull to any direction and even downward to select more words to underline.
  • A black pop up bearing several options written in white will appear. Tap on the triangular arrow at the far right
  • Tap on the ‘BIU’ that appears first on clicking the arrow button. ‘B’ represents Bold, ‘I ‘ for italics, ‘U’ for underline and the little underscore you find underneath the underline alphabet is for strikethrough. 
  • Select Underline and your text will be formatted just how you want it. 

Let’s also explore another way to underline the app. Use either of the ways that you find most convenient. You can also underline in the notepad app by;

  • Tapping on the little ‘+’ icon at the right side of your keyboard
  • You’ll find the the icon bearing A Capital and small sized a positioned side by side like this ‘Aa’
  • Tap on it and choose the underline text style from the options that appear.

Underlining Text In Mail

The process remains fairly the same when you want to underline text in the mail app. The mail app allows you to add as much styling to your text as much as those found in the notepad app as well color formatting. 

Most people need the underline feature more on their mail app as they’re always needing to send out work mails that need proper formatting. 

Follow the below guide to underline  text in the mail app on iPhone;

  • Tap on the mail app to open it
  • Tap on the compose icon at the bottom right of the app
  • Enter the address of your recipient, the subject and compose your message in the text box
  • Press and hold your finger over a word and a menu will pop up
  • Tap on Select on the pop up, this will display an area of highlight and a selection handle at both ends of the text. Drag them either way up until the point you want underlined. 
  • If you want all the words you’ve written so far underlined, you can simply do this with a click. Tap on Select All  to automatically have all text selected.
  • Making a selection will display another list of options to choose from on a pop up. 
  • Tap  ‘BIU’ from the list of options and it’ll expand showing, Bold, Italics and Underline. 
  • Tap on Underline to apply the formatting  to your selection of text

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Underlining Text In iMessage

Unfortunately, you can’t underline text in the iPhone default messaging app. Even with upgrades to the iOS version, Apple has not deemed it necessary to add more text formatting styles and nobody seems to have the answer why. Some have argued that since web links are formatted with the underline feature, then there has to be a way to use underline for normal text. 

Well, that’s not possible, the best you can do is contact and suggest to Apple to add that to IOS versions that will be released in the future. However, what you can do to format your text on iMessage is to have them composed and formatted with the Underline option, after which you copy and paste to your iMessage text box.  

I know what you’re thinking already, and I agree with you that the process is quite a stressful one no one will be willing to do all the time. We can only hope Apple remembers to add the feature in upcoming IOS versions.

Can You Turn On Underline On iPhone

No. It’s possible to format your text to be underlined on iPhone, but you can’t turn underline on, not on iPhone. What I mean is there is no button in the iMessage, notepad or in the mail app that is dedicated to underline text when it is toggled on. 

So far on the iPhone, you can only use the underline text format option in the mail and notepad app. It’s not yet available in the iMessage app for some reasons only Apple can explain.

How Do You Turn On The Underline On An iPhone?

It’s easy to use Underline on iPhone, so long as it’s either in the notepad or Mail app. It only takes a few seconds and a few clicks and you would have already formatted your text with the underline option. 

Whether it’s a note you’re making or composing a work mail in the  Notepad or Mail app respectively, it takes only four steps to have your text underlined. 

  1. Compose your text
  2. Select the portion of text you want underlined by highlighting them
  3. Select from the pop up that appears the text formatting styles. 
  4. Tap on underline.


If you’re often needing to underline your text to keep your message or jot better organized, then you’re not alone. Although you may not easily underline your text in iMessage, you easily can when composing with the Mail or Notepad app. Concerning underlining in iMessage, good thing anyone can suggest to Apple new features that should be added. You can easily do this on their website.


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