How To Upload High Quality Videos To Instagram From iPhone

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Social media is one of the places you get to see all the beautiful things in their good qualities. 

Videos of a product or person sometimes help the audience understand whatever they are meant to see. 

We have equally seen a lot of people complaining about how their picture and video quality get reduced when uploaded on Instagram. 

That brings up the real question which is how will you post a high-quality video on Instagram with your iPhone. In this article, we would take a look at how to

 do this and more. 

How To Upload High-Quality Videos To Instagram From iPhone

  • Go to the Apple play store and download an app called Clips (for resizing your videos and proper editing)
  • Go to the library section
  • Select the video you want to post
  • The first thing you need is to resize your video to fit in because Instagram doesn’t have the features that will help you resize your picture
  • Click and hold the red button to make a record for some seconds
  • You’re done? Share it on Instagram directly

With this method, any picture you post on Instagram using your iPhone won’t lose any quality.

Clips were built by Apple themselves so it makes it easier for you as an iOS user.

Before uploading your video to Instagram you should know some of their video recommendations, this will help you while editing your videos.

Instagram supports a wide range of videos, especially the ones in H.264 and MP4.

One of the reasons why they make videos lose quality is because they are trying to reduce bandwidth and storage for faster viewing of the videos.

So when you post your high-quality video with lots of megabytes, they will compress it and why try to reduce the size, the quality is also reduced too.

The second option here is if you don’t want to use clips to post your high-quality videos, then check this out.

Instagram has introduced a new feature on how to make your videos maintain the quality of your videos, follow my step

  • This method is available for those with an updated Instagram app
  • Go to the profile section of your Instagram
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right
  • Scroll down and click on setting
  • Inside here, click on data usage
  • You will see two options
  • Turn on the second option “upload high-quality video”

This way all the videos you will be posting will not be low quality again.

How Do I Stop Instagram From Lowering Video Quality On iPhones?

This is the question that a lot of you would probably be asking yourself because you are tired of the low-quality videos Instagram gives out after you have given them high quality.

Now, this is what you need to do to stop them from lowering your video quality.

To avoid the Instagram algorithm from compressing your videos, you need to do the compressing yourself.

While making a video, put your video size on the same size recommended by them which is 1920 x 1080

This should be done while making your video or editing it before going to Instagram to post the video.

Or you can follow the second step I have provided above to get this done.

Why Is The iPhone Reducing Video Quality On Instagram

For your video to be reduced by Instagram has become a common thread because a lot of complaints are coming from people who are pained by the reduction in their video and making it look blurry.

When you post a video, Instagram sends in their algorithm that acts fast before the video is even done uploading.

This algorithm will help you compress your videos to make them faster to load for users.

They also reduce video quality to manage the bandwidth and storage to keep the server running fast.

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How To Improve Video Quality On Instagram Story

Ever wondered how possible it is for you to upload a video on your Instagram video and it ends up being a mess.

However, in the case of low Instagram stories and low Instagram feed posts, there are some little differences in why the videos are low.

Here I will give you two major reasons why your post will be of low quality on your Instagram story.

1. No Internet connection

Before going to post any story on Instagram, be sure you have a good internet connection because it will be one of the reasons why your video will not post that one. 

When it is finally posted, it won’t be clear because it was not properly loaded 

2. Backup Gone Wrong 

Especially in iPhones, your documents and data are stored on iCloud, what happens when your backup is not successful, some of your pictures and videos will lose quality and others get corrupted 

So if you are in this situation, if you post any of those videos, it will not be clear. 

To be on the safer hand and avoid putting up a low-quality video, your internet connection is very important. 

Some of the mistakes some people make is checking the number of megabytes that you should use on your video. 

Instagram allows you to post a video of 10 minutes which should be under 650MB. 

I will not advise you to post a video of 650MB because after the reduction, you will end up not liking your video anymore. 

But if you turn on the high-quality video button from your settings, you will be served with a better video. 

How To Upload High-Quality Reels On Instagram With iPhone

We have talked about Feed posts, Story and now let’s talk about Reels 

Instagram Reels is a section on Instagram where you can post videos that are just 60 seconds and are vertical in look.  

For those who go to Instagram just to watch videos, Reels is there for you.

Instagram by default turns off the button to upload high-quality Reels and many users are not even aware. 

This setting can be enabled if you follow step by step what I will be showing you here

To post high-quality Reels on Instagram using your iPhone, follow the steps below

  • While on your Instagram, Go to your profile 
  • Click on the three dots at the upper right side of your app 
  • Click on Setting 
  • Scroll down to the account 
  • In the account section, click on cellular data usage 
  • Enable the data saver Button which will help you upload good videos of high quality
  • Choose to upload either with Wi-Fi mobile data. 

If you have completed these steps, congratulations, whatever you post will all be of good quality. 


With all said and done, having a good video on social media is a key to getting something you need especially if you’re advising a good product. 

If you follow the steps above your case with low-quality video is over.


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