iPhone 11 Won’t Copy And Paste? Here’s How To Fix It

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iPhone 11 Won't Copy And Paste? Here's How To Fix It

Performing the copy and paste function on your iPhone makes your work easier, stress free and saves a lot of time. It also helps to reduce the amount of work you have to do. this function died not erase the information from where it is, but only duplicates it for usage in another application.

Most people do not know how to use the copy and paste function on their iPhones and this can be very challenging for them. This article takes you through the steps that you use to copy and paste and by extension, make life a whole lot easier for you. The steps are quite simple and easy to understand.

Are you among those that your iPhone 11 won’t copy and paste? Here’s how you to fix it

How Do You Copy And Paste On An iPhone 11?

There are basic steps which you can use to perform the copy and paste operation on your iPhone and they are as follows:

1. Find What You Want To Copy

This is like the most basic step and it simply involves selecting the text, word, sentence, link, image etc., that you want to copy. This can be from a website, from another application on the phone, such as photos, messages etc.

2. Highlight

This is also known as selecting what you want to copy. It can be done by pressing and holding what you want to copy for a while until a menu bar appears. Your highlighted text, image or link would two circles at each end. These circles are used to select more or reduce what has been selected. The circles or quadrants are dragged to achieve this operation. The menu bar displayed will have the options of cut, copy, paste and may have other options depending on the app being used. The highlight text and the circles beside it, usually appear in blue.

3. Copy

Once you have highlighted what you want to copy, tap on the copy option in the menu. The menu would disappear after this operation is carried out. The copied text, image or link is saved to a virtual clipboard. This operation is usually the invincible movement of a text, image, link or message from one application to another application.

4. Paste

Go to the place or app you want to paste on when you are ready to paste; this should be carried out within the shortest time possible to enable the information you copied to still be retained. Press on the spot you want to paste for a while until the menu bar appears with the option of paste in it. There may be more options that are accompanied with the option of paste but this depends on the particular app you are using. The app you want to paste on may be the app you copied from or another app, either way, the process is still the same. Tap on the  the paste option and your copied text, link or image would appear.

This operation can be used to copy a text, link, message or image on an iPhone. They are also applicable to any application on the iPhone.

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Why Does My Copy And Paste Not Work On iPhone 11?

The copy and paste function may not work on an iPhone 11 because most applications on the phone might not support the performance of this function. These apps may have their own mode of operations which would be quite different from that of other apps. Where this could be the problem, there are some applications on the iOS play store which can aid the performance of the copy and paste operations. Some of these applications amongst so many are:

  • COPY PASTE CLIPBOARD MANAGER: This app makes copy and paste easy by reducing the steps for performing this operation. Most of the steps are eliminated for an easy process.
  • QUICK COPY: Allows you to perform the copy and paste operation within a certain short period of time and quickly as well. It also allows you to share what you copied.
  • COPY TEXT ON SCREEN: This particular application is very useful when you to perform the operation that relates to character recognition techniques.

These among other apps come in handy when performing the copy and paste operation, checking the reviews and ratings makes it easier to select the one that best suits you and your needs.

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The copy and paste operation serves as a link between the various apps on the phone and this makes it an indispensable function. Using an iPhone 11 comes with the ability to perform a wide range of operations. These make it very useful to the owner. The copy and paste operation is one of the most important functions and a good knowledge of how to perform this operation makes it easy to get the best experience out of your phone.

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