iPhone 7 Plus Ear Speaker Not Working After Screen Replacement? Here’s How To Fix

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iPhone 7 Plus Ear Speaker Not Working After Screen Replacement? Here's How To Fix

It can be more than a frustrating experience when you’re only able to take calls on an Airpod, earphone or loud speaker. It’s so bad that some iPhone 7 plus users after spending a fortune in several repair shops without a viable fix have even considered dropping their iPhone 7 plus for a new iPhone purchase,  probably higher iPhone models, which absolutely isn’t a cheap expense.

So what could have gone wrong that disabled your iPhone ear speaker after you got a digitizer replacement. Could it have been a wrong fix or an essential chip or cable which sustained a damage? Honestly, many things can come into mind, and that’s  easy to understand.

How To Fix iPhone 7 Plus Speaker After Screen Replacement

About 70 – 80 percent of iPhone 7 plus users who got a screen replacement noted that after the fix, every functioning component near and around the phone speaker worked perfectly but not the ear speaker. Around the ear speaker you’ll find the;

  1. Proximity sensor
  2. Noise canceling mic
  3. Front camera

iPhone 7 Plus Ear Speaker Not Working After Screen Replacement? Here's How To Fix

All of these never give an issue after the device has been coupled, but the culprit remains the ear speaker. And that to me is mystical.

Now on to the good stuff on how to fix iPhone 7 plus that developed a bad ear speaker after screen replacement. But I’ll be sharing with you what you may have been doing wrongly in working out a fix;

Going Hard On The Flex Arrangement

The iPhone 7 plus has somewhat of a different build than other iPhone models. The closest to it build is the iPhone 8. The flex cable can be extremely sensitive and pulling on it hard gets things spoilt. Some have referred to this as a design flaw on Apples end and I’m not sure I can categorical call it a flaw.

However, you need extreme carefulness  to have everything intact for a successful fix. And this also entails using very low heat to loosen the adhesive binding the flex assembly to the digitizer. A hot air gun will do just fine.


Resetting iPhone

In most cases after an attempt to fix the ear speaker after screen replacement without any success, the next line of action taken by many is to erase the iPhone or even a restore the device.

The truth is, doing any of that will not resolve the issue because it’s not a problem that can be traced back to a software bug. The ear speaker simply is not working because of a hardware related issue.

Now, in fixing the ear speaker, I’ll share both of my favourite methods to do this. The first you’ll need a little bit of more concentration and carefulness, while the second may cost you more than the first but in my opinion much less tasking.



1. Focus On The Third Cable

On the flex assembly, you’ll notice three cables joining with the board at different points. They all serve different functions and the third cable is the one you should more concerned about in fixing the ear speaker.

The ear speaker is not connected to no other channel but to cable three and this is what many persons do not often realize. However, the third cable can be the hardest of the three cables to fix because it has to be inserted all the way down to where it draws its power from with the small black panel locked down on it.

You may need a tweezer to get this done effectively and remember, it must be done with as much carefulness you have at your disposal, otherwise you may risk damaging other things.


2. Use Pre-installed Sensor Flex Cable LCD Replacement

This can be the best option to take when you want to avoid the frustration of encountering an ear speaker not working after coupling the iPhone 7 plus. Using a replacement screen with already installed ear speaker plus a flex assembly to attach directly to the board without any further hassle can be a game changer.

With this, you almost don’t have to worry about handling the fragile flex that can sustain a damage even with the slightest of pull.

However, using this method will cost way more than purchasing just a normal plain replacement screen, that’s the only downside,  but it sure can save you time and stress.


3. Visit An Apple Store

The hardware experts at the Apple store can help you resolve your iPhone 7 ear speaker problem. The professional knows just what to do, as he will first inspect your device for recommend a possible fix to get your issue solved.

Taking this route to fix the issue can cost you extra, however if you have an active warranty, you can smile home with your fixed iPhone 7 plus without paying a dime.

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Why Is My iPhone 7 Plus Speaker Not Working?

You depend on your speaker for sound be it music, video and all the rest. Your iPhone 7 plus speaker not working can become a very obvious problem as your device will loose the ability to do many things related to sound except when connected to an earphone or something similar.

The speaker is part of the hardware component of your iPhone 7 plus but relies heavily on software to give out the commands to follow. Therefore it’s not very uncommon to have speaker issues solved by tackling probable software issues first.

Below are the most common reasons an iPhone 7 plus speaker won’t work and their corresponding fixes.


1. Silent Mode

The silent mode configuration mutes your device completely and makes the speaker unable to be produce a sound even when it ought to. First verify your phone is not in the silent mode by looking at the top right of your screen. If you can find the mute speaker icon displayed, then you may want to exit out of silent mode. Here’s how;

  • Look by the left of your phone to find the small switch
  • Flip the switch the other way and the orange stripe indicating a silent mode is overturned. Now try to use your speaker.

2. Headphone mode

Even when you don’t have an earphone plugged into the head phone jack, your iPhone 7 plus can be tricked by debris particles to activate headphone mode. This way, you’ll not be able to hear any sound from the speaker. To resolve this is getting the dirt trapped in the head phone jack properly. An anti-static brush will do just fine.


3. Software Glitch

A glitch in the software that the speaker probably relies on may as well stop the speakers from making sound. This can easily be fixed by restarting your iPhone 7 plus to clear all temporarily stored cache that have been the problem.  Here’s how;

  • Press and hold the power button
  • Slide the button to restart.
  • Verify if issue is solved afterwards


4. Debris-filled Speaker

Your speaker can trap in a lot of grime and lint that won’t let it produce sound, or even when it does, the sound usually can sound muffled. To resolve this;

  • Start the cleaning with a microfiber cloth to remove dirt
  • Use a vacuum pump to remove dust particles
  • Use an anti-static brush to remove more compact dirt.


What To Do When iPhone Ear Speaker Is Not Working?

With your iPhone ear speaker not working, the best thing you may want to do is a once and for all fix. I’ve listed how to effect a fix in three different methods above.

However, prior until when a full fix is attained, you need to source means  on how you can find a replacement for the ear phone. Otherwise, you won’t be able to take and receive calls.

Here’s what you can do.

1. Use An Airpod Or Earphone

With an active Airpod or earphone, you can hear what your callers are saying over the phone lines. An earphone will redirect all the sound that would have gone through to the ear speaker to itself.

2. Speaker mode

It is the ear speaker that needs a fix and not your iPhone main speakers, so feel free to use it, especially when taking or making a call. Here’s the simple way to do that;\

  • While on a call
  • Tap on the speaker icon
  • The second party’s voice can now be heard through the speaker


 Video Guide

iPhone 7 Upper Ear Speaker Not Working (How To Fix)

in today’s video, we have an iPhone 7 with upper ear speaker problem now you can’t hear anything when you call someone and also there is no output from the upper speaker so you can’t enjoy the stereo sound and hear anything from ear speaker. now its a common problem on the iPhone 7 so you can check the video to see the fix.

iPhone 7 Plus Ear Speaker Replacement

This video will guide you through the process of replacing the ear speaker on an iPhone 7 Plus. The video is a step by step follow along guide, with nothing left out, from start to finish.



While some are of the believe that the problem of iPhone 7 plus ear speaker not working is and will continue to remain a terrible flaw in design and some others believe it is not and absolutely normal, just try not to let your iPhone 7 plus drop on a hard surface. This may need a screen replacement which leads to all of these complications.

You can further protect your iPhone by choosing a good protective casing and having a screen guard installed.



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