Is It Ok To Keep iPhone On Low Power Mode

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Is It Ok To Keep iPhone On Low Power Mode

When you’re not using your iPhone, it’s a good idea to put it in low power mode also known as the yellow battery mode. This conserves iPhone battery life and prolongs the time your iPhone will last. But is it really necessary to keep your iPhone in low power mode all the time?

If you’re like most iPhone users, you probably only turn your device on when you need it. But there are a few cases where you might want to keep your iPhone on low power mode or the yellow battery mode even when you don’t have an app or a notification waiting. Here’s why: iPhone Low power mode conserves your battery, and can help your iPhone last longer. Plus, low power mode can speed up the startup time of the phone so you’re ready to go faster than ever before.

Can you keep your iPhone on low power mode even when it isn’t being used (iPhone yellow battery mode)? Yes, according to Apple. There are some benefits to keeping your iPhone on low power mode, including preserving battery life and reducing the environmental impact of your device.

iPhone Low Power Mode All The Time

whether using iPhone in low power mode all the time affects or degrades the battery health percentage or not, many of us have this question like existing iPhone users and new iPhone users and I personally don’t use the iPhone yellow battery mode all the time. So I a deep research about this question to high profiled tech guys who are actually using the low power mode all the time and I just wanted to hear from the users experience over the long run whether they are seeing any degrade in the battery health percentage along with their answers. I also like to give my suggestions and based on my experience how you can actually maintain the battery health with the low power mode on or without the low power mode keeping it always on.

What Low Power Mode Does To Your iPhone 

I will highlight in simple words what actually iPhone low power mode or the iPhone yellow battery mode does to your iPhone. It simply cuts all the background related activity.

  • Your gps services
  • To the applications and all the background apps downloads and everything that actually consumes the battery percentage to certain level when the battery drains up to 20 percent this iPhone low power mode feature will automatically trigger on your iPhone.
  • And this feature is exclusive to your iPhone. Apple have made this feature to make sure that when the battery percentage reaches 20 percent you will have some extra hovers to attend some important calls or to read some important messages or email.

Why iPhone Battery Health Is Maintained while using low Power Mode.

Is It Ok To Keep iPhone On Low Power Mode

Well the reason for the battery health maintained its 100 percentage even after the three months of usage even on low power mode, is mainly depends on the user’s usage.

  1. Making use of the genuine or m5 certified apple lightning cable for charging their iPhone
  2. Charge whenever the battery percentage reaches 20 percentage or little above.

So following these two simple practices will definitely help to maintain the battery health overall and if there is any sudden reduce in the battery health percentage after the fourth month or fifth month.

Reasons to keep iPhone on Low Power Mode

I will start with the three main reasons for keeping iPhone on low power mode.

Longer Battery Life

Are you worried about your iPhone‘s battery life? Worried that it won’t last through the day? There is a way to conserve your battery and keep your iPhone running smoothly. You can turn on Low Power Mode. Low Power Mode conserves your battery by shutting down some of the features of your iPhone. This mode is particularly useful if you are using an older model iPhone with a smaller battery. When in Low Power Mode, you can still use basic functions like making and receiving calls, sending and receiving messages, using apps, and surfing the web.

Reduced Heat Generation and Performance Issues

Apple’s iPhone is known for its sleek design and powerful features. But what about when you’re not using it? Is it ok to keep your iPhone on low power mode? According to Apple, keeping your iPhone on low power mode conserves battery life and helps reduce your environmental impact. So, is it really worth turning off all of the features just to save a little juice? YES

Fewer Notifications and Distractions

Low power mode is a great way to conserve battery life on your iPhone, but it can be a bit of a hassle to keep notifications and distractions at bay. As we all know that not all apps function when the iPhone is on low power mode

Peace of Mind for Those Who Are Worried About Battery Life

There are many people who are worried about the iPhone battery life of their devices. Many people have heard horror stories about how someone’s phone died in the middle of a conversation because the battery had run out. Thankfully, a good and effective way to ensure that your device has a long battery life is using the iPhone low power mode regularly.

Reduced Data Usage and Cellular Charges

Most people are probably familiar with the idea of using a yellow battery mode on their iPhone. This mode typically reduces the amount of data your phone uses by restricting some features or turning off unnecessary apps.

Easy to Turn On and Off

When Needed Unlike an app, the iPhone low power mode is always on and ready to be used. This means that you don’t need to remember to turn it on or off when you’re not using your phone and can use it normally.

Is It Safe To Keep Your iPhone In Low Power Mode All The Time

But is it safe to keep your iPhone in low power mode all the time? There are a few things to consider.

First, it’s important to understand what low power mode actually does. It restricts your phone’s capabilities in order to conserve battery life.

so what I actually understood and what I tried to tell you as a conclusion to summarize this entire thing is you can use low power mode whenever you want you can keep it always on it doesn’t going to be matter the important thing is

1. Your Usage

your usage is going to be number one. If your usage is heavy whether you’re using low power mode or not it doesn’t matter as I said in the beginning of this article, the purpose of low power mode is to cut the background services but if you’re playing games, and watching plenty of videos on lte modem, instead of wi-fi then obviously you’re going to see the faster battery drain so the purpose you need to understand why we are using the low power mode and what it actually does.

2. Use Genuine Original Apple Lightning Cable

Is It Ok To Keep iPhone On Low Power Mode

And second important suggestion I like to give is always use genuine original apple lightning cable or m5 certified amazon basics type of cable that will definitely help you to prevent any sort of power surge related problems or any problem related to the battery and battery health.

So that’s all. Actually you need just two things you need to remember when you have your iPhone to maintain the good iPhone battery health.

And I hope this article gave you a better understanding about whether to use the iPhone low power mode all the time or not.

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