Luckily, certain countries, similar to Canada, give top notch instruction for nothing to specific international and neighborhood understudies. The people who need to travel and concentrate on in Canada without paying for educational cost have a few choices to browse! So how about we begin as we assist you with finding the most ideal ways to read up for nothing in Canada!


Steps on How to Get a Free Education in Canada

International understudies might get free schooling through completely supported international grants regardless of whether understudies in fact can’t get “deferred” educational expenses in any of Canada’s universities/universities.

In the accompanying segment, we’ll list a couple of the completely supported grants given by a portion of Canada’s best universities, yet for the present we should initially discuss how we can apply and GET a grant prior to anything more.


Step 1: Spend Some Time Researching

Learning about the options available to international students in a country is the first step. You could start by looking at the colleges online that provide international students with full scholarships.

Step 2: Choose the Best University For You

Once you’ve done your research, choose the institution to which you want to submit an application to. The course you want to take and the financial assistance available to foreign students are two things you should also take into account while selecting a university.


Step 3: Apply Before the Deadline

If your chosen institution is giving you a scholarship based on certain conditions, you immediately qualify without having to submit an application. If not, you must be aware of the need-based scholarship deadline and submit your application by the exact deadline stated.

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Top 3 Canadian Scholarships To Apply For

When it comes to Canada, the country welcomes immigrants in much greater numbers than the United States. This makes the immigration process easier and less time-consuming than the US!

1st Option: Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships – University of Toronto

Eligibility Requirements: a non-Canadian foreign student (i.e., one who needs a study permission); enrolled in your last year of high school or graduated after June 2022.

Coverage: Fully funded tuition and books


2nd Option: UdeM exemption scholarship program – University of Montreal

Eligibility Requirements: Not a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, but who is required to obtain a study permit and who will participate full-time in a study program for the duration of their studies.

Coverage: Fully funded tuition


3rd Option: Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship – University of Waterloo

Eligibility Requirements: You must be a Canadian citizen enrolled in a PhD program at a Canadian university, OR a non-Canadian (permanent resident or foreign national) studying PhD at a Canadian or foreign institution. 

Coverage: The scholarship provide each recipient up to $60,000 over a three-year period.


Study in Canada for Free: Commonly Asked Questions

For tuition, you’ll probably need between $20,000 and $30,000/year. This range is simply an average and will change depending on the school and program you are enrolled in.


You must acquire a minimum GPA of 3.20 to be considered for a scholarship.

University of Regina

Tuition fees: $1,715 to 20,050 CAD/year




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