This Is Why iPhone Hotspot Keeps Disconnecting

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This Is Why iPhone Hotspot Keeps Disconnecting

Lot of us that uses the iPhone have been having difficulties when we connect our iPhone mobile hotspot to our computers, televisions and PS4. It usually breaks out and sometimes the iPhone hotspot disconnects and we have to probably turn on the hotspot again to reconnect.

This usually cause some discomfort most times. while we’re trying to make use of our iPhone hotspot.

On this guide I’ll show you why your iPhone hotspot keeps disconnecting and how to fix it.

How Long Does iPhone Hotspot Stay On?

This query has been asked by most iPhone users, whose mobile hotspot keeps disconnecting after it has been connected to either the, television ps5 or Pc. So, the users might keep wondering if the mobile hotspot have been timed to go off at a certain duration of time. But No

When an iPhone user turns on a mobile hotspot it should always remain on until it has been turned off by the user

Why Do I Keep Disconnecting From iPhone Hotspot?

Here is the secret your iPhone keeps disconnecting its hotspots with your laptop and TVs because in most cases, the iPhone goes to sleep. When ever the iPhone auto-lock is enabled to 30s, 1min, 2min, 3min, 4min, 5min. the iPhone auto locks immediately the time it is set to have elapsed.

And the screen sleeps/goes off simultaneously with the auto lock. It is designed this way to conserve and save the iPhone battery. The phone autolocking is also a protective measure to shut your phone down from being accessed by an unwanted user.

Apple made the device so beautiful in such a way that if it goes to sleep immediately after the auto lock. It can not be hacked into or accessed without your notice by anybody who doesn’t have the passcode.

How Do I Make My iPhone Hotspot “Always On”?

so, there’s a lot of videos and Blog pot out there on how to stop this from happening or reoccurring. okay I’ve tried a whole lot and it keeps happening and some way somehow, I discovered the most permanent way to make iPhone hotspot to be on always.

According to several blog post and YouTube videos they’ll tell you to go to settings and go down to VPN and disable it some would suggest you restart your iPhone and some will go to the extent of telling you to reset your iPhone. All these steps are difficult way to go about fixing. The easiest way to make our iPhone hotspot always on is to make sure it doesn’t go to sleep. When iPhone auto locks and goes to sleep the hotspots disconnects after about 90sec.

Below are the problems that was encountered by users:

  • iPhone hotspot keeps disconnecting windows 10
  • iPhone hotspot keeps disconnecting from PC
  • iPhone hotspot disconnects when locked
  • iPhone hotspot disconnects when idle.

So, in other to fix this problem we have to stop our iPhone screen from going off

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Follow the steps below to stop your iPhone hotspot from disconnecting:

Go to settings on your iPhone

  • Scroll and Click on Display & Brightness
  • Scroll you will see Auto-Lock click on it. N/B make sure your iPhone is not on low power mode, because you won’t be able to click on it if it’s on low power mode. Make sure is not on low power mode so you will be able to proceed.
  • Select never.

This will stop your iPhone from going to sleep, and when your iPhone doesn’t to sleep it would prevent your mobile hotspot from disconnecting.

Video Guide

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Is annoying to see your iPhone disconnecting repeatedly, if you’re experiencing this just know that is not a hardware and the problem is nit as critical as it seems to be. If you’ve gone through this guide, then it won’t take you more than 1min to fix it.

Is not necessary we go through the stress of resetting our iPhone, when we reset the phone goes back to the default settings and in turn, we lose files and settings. The easiest fix is not allowing the iPhone go to sleep by enabling auto lock. All the procedures and steps are outlined above


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