What Does the Little Thermometer in The iPhone Weather App Mean?

What Does the Little Thermometer in The iPhone Weather App Mean?

We are all very accustomed to the weather apps on our iPhone. It makes it really easy for us to get an idea about how the weather is going to be for the day and even the week. With this information, you can make good preparations on when to go out for that outdoor activity or not. It’s pretty easy to read the information on the weather app but there are a few things on the app that we have no idea about. One of these things is the little thermometer that shows up as an icon while using the app. What exactly does it mean?


Why Are There Symbols on The iPhone Weather App?

The most obvious ways that your weather app uses to give you information on the weather is by using symbols. Symbols are a more interactive and user friendly way of representing information. In a way, the symbols are actually a shortcut to giving you accurate information on the weather instead of reading a long written text on how the weather will be. Most of the symbols are pictorial representations that make it easy for you to grasp some weather concepts.

If you see a sunshine symbol, you immediately know that it is going to be a sunny day. This is the essence of the symbols. To help give you a quick pictorial representation of the weather that you should be expecting. They are technically faster to understand and much more user friendly. Like mentioned, the symbols serve as a representation of your weather in a way that is easy to understand.

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Most of the symbols make it really easy for you to understand which weather to expect but some of them are quite confusing. If you do not have a broad knowledge on weather symbols, you might find it hard trying to understand what a particular symbol on the weather app means. One of the most confusing symbols is actually the little thermometer. If you are confused on what this little thermometer stands for, then you are not alone. In this article we’re going to give you a detailed explanation on what the thermometer means and how you can understand what it represents.

What Does the Little Thermometer in The iPhone Weather App Mean?

  • In reality, we always know what a thermometer is and what it is used for. A thermometer is used to measure temperature.
  • We have different types of thermometers that we can use to measure the different temperatures of things like our body, food and even the weather. Without it, we would be confused on how hot or cold certain things are.
  • The little thermometer found on your weather app isn’t very different from a real thermometer. It helps give you a pictorial representation of what you expect from the weather when it comes to temperature. It helps to tell you if it’s going to be a hot or cold day.
  • With the information you get from this little thermometer, you can now get a heads up on how you should act if it is going to be a hot day or a cold one.

What Does the Snowflake on Thermometer Mean?

A lot of times the thermometer symbol on the weather app doesn’t just appear alone. It is always accompanied by another symbol like the snowflake symbol. When this happens, what exactly does it mean? The snowflake symbol is actually a pictorial representation of snow or a really blurry and cold weather. You might have also noticed the symbol somewhere else on the weather app but this time, it’s merged with the thermometer symbol.

Like we had mentioned above, the thermometer on the weather app helps to tell you the temperature of the day. If you get a snowflake symbol on the little thermometer, it actually means that it is going to be cold weather. It means that the weather is going to be freezing and you might obviously want to put on a jacket. That’s about it. Anytime you see the snowflake on the thermometer appear on the weathers app on your iPhone you should expect a cold and freezing day. 

A lot of the time, you might also get the sunshine symbol on the thermometer app. Since we have mentioned that the thermometer deals with temperature, it is pretty obvious to understand that this means the weather will likely be hot. The thermometer usually fluctuates between the snowflake and sunshine symbol, this helps give you a detailed representation on the temperature you should expect.


Is the Little Thermometer an Accurate Gauge of The Temperature?

The little thermometer on the weather app on your iPhone helps to tell you what weather you should be expecting in a pictorial form. If you see the snowflake, you know it will be freezing with a possibility of snow. If you see the sun right next to the thermometer, you know it is going to be a sunny day.

The little thermometer’s only job is to represent the weather and not the temperature. The weather app might display the sun on the thermometer symbol but you cannot get the accurate temperature just by looking at the thermometer. It might be a sunny day but how hot is it going to be? The thermometer symbol doesn’t give you accurate information about that. It’s just a pictorial symbol.

You have to read the other aspects of the weather app to get an accurate reading of the temperature. The degrees or Fahrenheit may not be displayed on the thermometer and hence the need to check for a more accurate reading of the temperature. 



A lot of symbols on the weather app are actually a bit confusing to a lot of people. The thermometer symbol is also one of the most confusing one to find. At the end of this article, you must have understood what the thermometer stands for. Not only do you understand what the thermometer stands for, you should also be able to read what it means when you notice a snowflake or sunshine symbol next to it. 

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