Why Are My Screenshots Coming Out Black On iPhone?

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You may not be able to download every picture you like, but are able to take screenshots of them on any app or website, they’re saved to your memory and can be used anywhere. This is why the issue of screenshots coming out as black after a screenshot is not funny to many iPhone users.

For some persons, screenshots only appear black or dark on some apps while others have complained it was a general issue irrespective of where the screenshot was made. This is why I’ve written this article for you on how to resolve this issue, but first I’ll get you acquainted with why screenshots may be coming out black on your iPhone.


Why Are My Screenshots Turning Black On iPhone?

Some would say dark but whatever the case is the bottom line is that either of two things happen;

  • Screenshots taken on your iPhone are entirely black, not even a fragment of the original photo or page can be seen.
  • The original photo or page can be seen but appears very faintly and seems like it bears a dark color overlay.

Below are some reasons this may be happening to your iPhone;

Why Are My Screenshots Coming Out Black On iPhone?

1. Auto-Brightness is active

When the auto-brightness settings messes with your screenshot, the resultant effect would be dark. When you activate auto-brightness on your iPhone, it will automatically adjust your iPhone brightness to contrast against the environment where your iPhone is in use.

When you’re in a room filled with so much light, your phones brightness is adjusted to be more bright and vice-versa, so that you’ll be able to make off details without struggle from your phone.

It could be that brightness is turned all the way down  automatically when taking screenshots and will result in a dark image.


2. Zoom Low-Light Filter Is Active

If your iPhone is running on IOS 14, then you may have experienced dark screenshots without knowing why it happened. The zoom feature found in the settings comes with filters that you can customize your device with and it includes among others the low-light filter.

This configuration dictates how much light a page or image will use when it’s zoomed and when low-light is active, zoomed images will display a relatively low brightness.

So how does this affect your screenshot? Well, you may have noticed that pages you take a screenshot on first will pop up in a zoomed state very quickly before they’ll become available as a screenshot image. The low-light is applied during that momentary pop-up to result in a dark screenshot.

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3. IOS Bug

Bugs can do anything. From causing every other issue to making your screenshots black that’s what they’re capable of doing. Sometimes they can easily be fixed by taking several simple steps and sometimes can get really hard to overcome. If the software script controlling screenshots  get bugged, it can misbehave and begin to serve only black images.

Why Are My Screenshots Coming Out Black On iPhone?

4. HDR Video Is Active

This will occur when what you’re trying to get a screenshot from a video playing locally on your video player app or you’re streaming a video. Some have argued that screenshots taken from a streaming platform like Netflix will always remain black because the app has some kind of anti-piracy software that will even block off screenshot. This is not particularly true.

The reason why screenshots of a video played locally or  streamed may appear to be black is the format with which the video displays with. Most videos use HDR rendering to deliver top quality imaging of a video.

HDR is short for high dynamic range that allows videos render with fewer frame rates per second so as to boost videos quality.

When HDR is active, screenshots will appear black because the HDR quality cannot be converted by a screenshot to a corresponding image format.


How So I Fix Black Screenshot On iPhone?

I’m sorry, but black screenshots will remain black or dark. I doubt if any form of editing whatsoever will be able to fix a a completely dark screenshot since it doesn’t look anything like the original image. The only viable fix their is, is to resolve the what could be causing the screenshots you take with your iPhone to be dark. All the fix you need are just below, continue reading to find out how.


How Do I Take A Screenshot Without A Black Screen?

To take screenshots on your iPhone without encountering black images again, do the following;

1. Remove The Low-Light Zoom Filter

Troubleshooting the issue from this step is where you want to begin, because its the culprit in most cases. To disable the low-light filter follow the below instructions;

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Tap on accessibility
  • Tap on zoom
  • Open zoom filters
  • You’ll find a list of filters, tap on none to select no filter

The problem should be fixed now, verify by trying a screenshot.


2. Disable Auto-brightness

To stop auto-brightness from hindering your screenshot, follow the below steps to disable it;

  • Open settings
  • Tap on accessibility
  • Open display and text size
  • Scroll down, you’ll find auto-brightness
  • Toggle it off

Verify again if that resolves the issue by taking a screenshot.


3. Disable HDR Mode

As earlier said, this will only be effective when  it’s a video you want to take screenshots from. To do disable HDR, do the following;

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Open camera
  • Tap on Record video
  • Scroll down to HDR video and toggle it off.

Repeat taking a screenshot from the video to verify if that resolves the issue.


4. Reboot iPhone

A simple restart can resolve program incompatibilities and crashes on your iPhone quickly. To restart your iPhone do the following;

  • Press and hold the power button
  • A power off slider will appear
  • Push the slider button to power off
  • Turn it back on by pressing the power button until the Apple logo appears.

Verify if issue is fixed by trying a screenshot one more time.

5. Update IOS

Updating IOS will take care of bugs that may be responsible for causing screenshots to be black. New upgrades will usually fix bugs in previous versions and will fix lack screenshots. To upgrade to a newer IOS version do the following;

  • Open general in settings
  • Select and click software update
  • It’ll scan for available updates
  • Click download and it’ll install afterwards

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If you’ve followed the instructions above on how to take screenshots without black screen, I’m pretty sure issue would have been fixed and you’re able to take screenshots as normal again. For most people step one and two solved their issue outrightly, you may want to start from those too.


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