Why Can’t I Receive Calls On My New iPhone 12?

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An iPhone of no use if you’re unable to receive calls? If people complain that they’re unable to reach you, then something must have gone wrong and must be fixed quickly.

Situations like this can be troubling not just for you but also for the caller who may get worried after trying to reach you severally with no success. In this article, you’ll find how to put an end to this issue and get connected again.


Why You Can’t Receive Calls On iPhone 12

Why Can't I Receive Calls On My New iPhone 12?

Multiple factors ranging from a configuration you had unknowingly made to your iPhone 12 setting or a service provider error can result in your inability to receive calls. I have some of them listed below as well as how to go about making a fix. They include;


1. Do Not Disturb Is Enabled

If you have the Do not disturb feature active, you’ll not be able to receive calls on your iPhone. A lot of users usually think that the DND setting works just like the silent mode configuration, but that’s not particularly true. Activating DND will cut off sound from messages and calls but will also prevent calls from coming in. It makes sure that you’re not disturbed at all.

It could be you accidentally had it turned on or you had it scheduled on your iPhone 12. If scheduled, you’ll not receive any calls during the moments when it is active.


2. The Contact Is Blocked

No call from a blocked contact will ever get to you. Blocking a contact is the same thing as black-listing the contact, your iPhone 12 will make sure no call or even SMS from them gets through to you. Again, this can happen by accident and the individual will have to be removed from the black list.

Why Can't I Receive Calls On My New iPhone 12

3. Unknown Callers Are Silenced

Calls from unknown people can be set not to come into your iPhone 12. Unknown callers are categorized as callers whose contact details are not saved in your phone book. Just like the blocked contacts, their calls never get through.

4. Service Outage On Carrier End

You can easily identify this by looking at the service bar at the top right of your screen. The fewer the row of bars, the poorer the network and sometimes you may even find that there are no bars. In this, you’ll see the No Service at the service bar location.


5. Call Forwarding Is Enabled

You may not be receiving calls on your iPhone 12 because your calls are forwarded. Call forwarding is also known as call divert. It refers to a term that pushes or redirects calls that come from your phone to another network line. You may not have set this up yourself, it could be an accident.


6. eSim Billing Is Due

If you’re a part of the eSim ecosystem, then you must be familiar with the price tag that comes with your eSim profile. Your carrier will have you disconnected once you fail to renew your plan with them or choose another one. This will affect cellular data plan, talk time as well as incoming calls until a plan is activated.


7. Outdated IOS

From the Apple desk, you’re asked to make sure you have the latest version of IOS installed on your iPhone. This is because many bugs such as this can be a software-related issue, once Apple becomes aware of it, they start working on a fix that is packaged in as a whole as an IOS update release.


How Do I Fix My iPhone 12 Not Receiving Calls?

It’s simple to fix not receiving calls on iPhone 12 especially, now you know possible reasons this may be happening. For the solutions mentioned below, you’ll want to test them to know which worked, hence I’ll recommend you have a second phone with you that you can use to call your number after effecting each fix.



1. Restart Your iPhone

It’s no cliche, a simple restart may be all you need. It can help to quickly resolve issues related to temporal service outages from your service provider as well as other bugs that may be interfering. To restart your iPhone 12 do the following;

  • Long press on the side or power button
  • The power slider will appear on the screen
  • Drag the button to power off. Allow the device screen to go completely black.
  • Turn it on again by long-pressing the power button until the Apple logo appears.


2. Reinstall Sim Card

Still, in a bid to solve service provider-related issues,  you’ll need to remove and install your sim again. Do this especially if you’re getting the No service message. Ensure you turn off your iPhone first, remove the Sim tray, and inspect your Sim. Verify that everything is alright at that end, reinstall again and turn on your iPhone 12 to see if that solves the problem.

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3. Deactivate Call Forwarding

To make sure your callers are not being redirected to another line, you’ll have to deactivate call forwarding on your iPhone 12. Here’s how;

  • Open iPhone setting
  • Tap on the phone
  • Find Call forwarding
  • If on, make sure to turn it off


4. Off Airplane Mode

Airplane mode turned on makes sure no connection is valid. That doesn’t only include incoming calls as cellular data, WIFI and Bluetooth are as well restricted. To turn Airplane mode off, do the below;

  • Open the control center
  • If the Airplane button isn’t grayed out
  • Tap on it once to turn it off

5. Activate Announce Call

If you have tried the solutions above and nothing seemed to have worked yet, you may need to set your incoming comes to be announced always. Here’s how to do this;

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Tap on phone
  • Tap on announce calls
  • Tap on always
  • Verify if you’re now able to receive calls by calling your line again


6. Contact Your Service Provider

If all else came out futile, theirs one last thing you can do – call your service provider. They may have the answer to why you’re not receiving calls, especially now you have tried every fix possible from your end. You can open a support ticket on their website, email them, or just get to speak with a representative over the phone.


Why Are My iPhone 12 Calls Going Straight To Voicemail?

You know it’s a problem when every call goes straight to voice mail even when you’re sure your iPhone 12 is alright and can receive calls. The below reasons include why calls may go straight to voicemail;

1. Focus Is Enabled

Your calls will be b sent to voicemail when the focus is active on your iPhone 12. Focus is the new umbrella covering all the DNDs available on iPhone 12. The regular Do not disturb could be found under focus as well as Do not disturb when driving.

Your iPhone can detect when you’re driving and automatically turn Do not disturb when driving on, this will immediately have calls sent to voicemail.

Here’s what you can do to prevent this, if Do not disturb when driving gets turned on automatically, unlock your iPhone and select the prompt that appears on the screen ‘I’m not driving.

You can as well put it off by opening the control center and tap dictation the car icon to disable it.


2. Unknown Callers Are Silenced

Calls incoming to your phone may go straight into voicemail because they’re not saved to your phone book. You may be familiar with these unknown callers but your iPhone identifies them as strangers and so pushes their calls straight to voicemail.

To disable this;

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Tap on phone
  • Find silence unknown callers
  • Toggle the switch next to it to off


3. Carrier Setting Needs Update

Carrier settings dictate how your iPhone 12 interacts with your carrier’s wireless network. And subsequently, carriers send out updates to help their users connect better to their network. If an update is available and you go ahead to run on outdated settings, incoming calls may straight to voicemail. To update your carrier setting, do the following;

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Tap on general
  • Open about
  • If any update is available, a prompt asking you to update the carrier setting will appear on the screen.
  • Tap on an update to further with wit updating carrier settings

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Not being able to receive calls on your iPhone 12 can be a very ugly experience as you may not know what important calls may be coming in at that point. Good thing you now know how to address the issue head-on and let the calls be coming in


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