Why Didn’t Apple Accept a Repaired iPhone at An Instore Trade In

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Tried exchanging your repaired iPhone for another one and it got declined by apple? Well, this happens to a whole lot of iPhone users who try to exchange a repaired iPhone for a new one. The question is, why didn’t Apple accept a repaired iPhone at the in-store trade-in? Is there something about repaired iPhone that seems to check them off? In this article, we are going to give you everything you need to know about that. 


Why Didn’t Apple Accept a Repaired iPhone at An Instore Trade In

If your iPhone was facing any issues in its software or hardware and you fixed it, the iPhone should now be good enough to be sold and traded at an apple store but it’s not that easy. Apple has a little policy concerning repaired iPhones and they are really strict about it. If you break any of their policy, you will get declined at the in-store trade in.

One reason why your repaired iPhone wasn’t accepted at the in-store trading is because you most likely repaired the iPhone with a third party other than Apple themselves. If it isn’t an apple store you did the repair, it will be difficult to get your iPhone accepted. This is because most of the third party repairs are not registered or authorized by apple.

These third party repairs will definitely fix your iPhone and it’ll look brand new, the phone will still go on to last for a while but Apple are not concerned about all of that. Since it was repaired by an unauthorized third party, Apple does not trust the parts that were used in the repair process of the iPhone. They think that the parts used will be of low quality and will be barely compatible with the iPhone in the long run.

The main issue here is that apple does not trust the parts that were used in the repair process of the iPhone. A few of them are always marked off as harmful since they aren’t authorized to be used with an iPhone. If you give to an apple store with a repaired iPhone with diverse parts, your iPhone might end up being seized and you will need to pay a fine to get it back.


I Repaired My iPhone at An Apple Store, Why Isn’t It Accepted?

If you repaired your iPhone at an Apple store and it still isn’t accepted by Apple, it means that there is something wrong with the value of the iPhone. The iPhones are usually tested for its usability. Your iPhone might be repaired but it is still facing a few minor bugs and cannot be accepted. 

It can also be that the iPhone is jailbroken or has a really sloppy iOS system. Each of these things can be responsible for your iPhone being rejected. Apple has a really strict policy and they take time to make sure that each one has been following. If you fail in any way, you will be denied access to the I-store trade.

Is There an Alternative to Trading with Apple?

If your repaired iPhone isn’t accepted by Apple at the in- store trade, there is a good alternative you can take to sell your iPhone. Instead of beating around trying to get your iPhone accepted by Apple, you can choose third-party providers that deal with buying used phones. 

If the repaired iPhone is in perfect condition, you can actually make more money selling it off as a second hand product. The process is also less rigorous than an apple store where a lot of criteria needs to be met on your part. If you plan on selling second hand, all you need is prove that you are the owner of the iPhone.

Your receipt is good enough to get you covered. There are a few agencies that accept used phones that you can try. You can also choose to place it in a marketplace on social media to sell it. Either way works just fine. 


How Can I Maintain My iPhone for An In-Store Trade in Later in The Future?

If you plan on performing another in-store trade with an iPhone, you might be wondering what you can do to maintain the quality of your iPhone so that it doesn’t get rejected by Apple again. If you get a new iPhone and you are planning on doing the in-store trading, follow the steps below to maintain the phones value so that it gets accepted:

Protect the iPhone:

If you don’t get your iPhone a case and a screen guard, it will be prone to damage. When your iPhone gets damaged, you will have to repair it and this reduces the quality of your iPhone. If the damage to the IPhone cannot be prevented, make sure you take it to an authorized apple store for repairs. This makes it easy for your iPhone to still be accepted.

Maintain your battery’s health:

Your iPhone’s battery health is an important factor when you take it in for repairs. Always make sure that you try to maintain it. Do not ever charge your iPhone for a long period of time as this degrades the battery.

Protect the Operating System:

If your iOS develops bugs or glitches from using a lot of untrustworthy sites or files, the iPhone might not work optimally. A glitchy iOS will not be accepted by Apple because it entails that your iPhone is not in a good working condition. Make sure you protect your iOS from viruses and harmful files.



If your repaired iPhone got rejected or declined by apple, it’s only because you have breached a part of their policy. They are strict on phones that have been repaired by a third party because they don’t trust the parts that were used. These unknown parts are marked as malicious. If you get rejected by an apple at the in-store trade, there is always a food alternative. Consider selling the iPhone as a second hand product to a third party.


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