Why Do Videos keep Pausing On My iPhone?

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Why Do Videos keep Pausing On My iPhone?

Video playbacks are supposed to play from the first minute to the last only to be interrupted when you wish to make a pause. It’s a weird thing when video playbacks will not quit pausing at several intervals, this experience can be frustrating and annoying.

Usually, for this kind, of an issue it’s hard to tell what the problem could be or choose where to troubleshoot. But never to worry, I’ve brought along just the right fix for this issue but I’ll get to that in a while after I must have shared with you why this may be happening on your iPhone.


Why Does My Phone Keep Pausing Videos On Its Own?

Bear in mind that an issue like this can be a product of several causes and may include factors that you deem insignificant. To properly close in on these factors, I will further group them into four categories, this sure will help you troubleshoot the problem better.


1. App issue

Depending on the app you use for video playbacks, an unexpected error can build up in the app and cause it to display and tamper with videos improperly. This is especially common when it’s a video with a format not exactly supported by the app. Apart from that, an interval app freeze can repeatedly make videos t pause.

Why Do Videos keep Pausing On My iPhone?

2. Hardware Issue

By hardware, I refer to your iPhone screen. iPhone screens have been proven to be super sensitive to touch, although touch sensitivity levels could be adjusted on iPhone from the settings, for the most cases, touch sensitivity levels are usually left on the default, which is pretty high to give the best experience.

However, dirt and grime on your screen could be the culprits poking on your screen during, video playback and causing it to pause, play and pause again repeatedly.

Why Do Videos keep Pausing On My iPhone?

3. Space Issue

Videos will usually consume the largest amount of space in your iPhone. With large video files in your storage, as well as other apps frequently expanding and making more files as they’re being used, space could become an issue of concern. As a video plays back on your iPhone, the video app runs other background files other than the video hence consuming more space. This will make the app glitch and may cause the video to pause at the interval.

with an almost used up storage

Why Do Videos keep Pausing On My iPhone?

4. Network Issue

You’ll only encounter a buffering video when you’re streaming video playback. For a streaming video to play smoothly you’ll need an unwavering internet connection.

If you have a poor internet connection that lowers the speed to 4MB/sec, you may experience periodic pauses while watching the video.

Why Do Videos keep Pausing On My iPhone?

5. IOS bug

Sometimes the issue could be the problem initiating the frequent pause during a  vide video playback. Apple gets notified about this when a lot of users begin to complain over the same issue and effects a solution or fix the bug in newer IOS updates.

How Do I Stop My iPhone From Pausing Videos?

  • Clean out iPhone screen

A dirty or grime-filled surface will require cleaning. A proper clean will get rid of the dust and particles whose actions may periodically pause video playbacks.

To do this, use a soft, slightly damp, and lint-free cloth to gently clean off the accumulated particles from your iPhone. Avoid using compressed air for this task, not even an alcohol cleaning solution to maintain the integrity of the screen.

  • Force stop the video app

The issue can be solved if you close and exit from the affected video app. Exit from the app entirely in such a way that it holds no previous cache of using the app. When you’ve closed the app, wait for about 30 seconds before you open it again. Verify if the issue has been solved


  • Uninstall and reinstall the video app

If the issue persists after fulfilling the above step. It’s best to uninstall the video app and make a new download from the App store. To uninstall an app follow the below instructions

  1. Go to the home screen
  2. Tap and hold the video app until all apps jiggle jiggle
  3. At the upper right corner of the app, tap on remove
  4. Confirm that you want to delete the app by tapping on delete on the prompt that appears.
  5. To reinstall the app, open the app store
  6. Use the search button to find the video player app you desire
  7. I will highly recommend that you download another video player app that is different from the uninstalled
  8. When found, just by the side of the app you’ll find a cloud icon. Tap on ‘get’ to have the app downloaded and installed
  9. Launch the app and play a video to verify if the issue is solved.


  • Restart iPhone

Restarting your device will include one of the first things to do when your video playback won’t stop pausing. It can help to fix minor errors in the video app player as well as close apps that may be running in the background and using up space. To restart your iPhone do the below;

  1. Press and hold on the power button until the screen goes black and the slider appears
  2. Slide the button to power off
  3. Press and hold the power button again after about 15 seconds to turn it on
  4. Open the video app, play a video, and verify that there’s no periodic pause.

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  • Free up space

In more than 50 percent of the time this issue reoccurred, it was because free space was getting exhausted. Free storage space is precious to your iPhone and you must make sure junk occupies your local storage. To fix this, try deleting some files, a good place to start from are the videos you don’t need as they consume the most place. Delete apps that are not in use again too.


  • Network reset

This troubleshooting step comes in handy when the pausing video is streamed. It will ensure that your network connection goes back to default. To reset your network;

  1. Open settings
  2. Tap on general
  3. Tap on reset
  4. Tap on reset network
  5. Confirm to the pop up that you want a network reset
  6. After the reset stream the video again and the issue should be fixed


  • Update IOS

Your device will need a new IOS upgrade to erase bugs in a present one that may have directly or indirectly caused the issue. To upgrade your IOS, here’s how;

  • Open settings
  • Tap on general
  • Tao on software update
  • It’ll scan for available updates
  • Click download. It’ll install afterward

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Now that you know why videos keep pausing on your iPhone as well the right thing to do and get it fixed, making sure to help your friends fix theirs too. I also can’t say it enough that free space is vital to your device, always take action to get things you do not need out of your iPhone to free up space.



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