Why Does My Computer Say No New Pictures On My iPhone?

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Why Does My Computer Say No New Pictures On My iPhone?

Everyone loves having a bit of what’s on their iPhone also on their computer, primarily to serve as a backup or just to free your device and make more memory space available to your iPhone.

But what could have gone wrong when you tried to offload some pictures, probably videos to your computer and the error message popped up – ‘no pictures or videos where found on this device’. Could it be that your computer developed a fault? I suppose not. Well, you are not alone as this is a problem peculiar to most iPhone users and it will interest you to know that it can be remedied.

Why Won’t My Pictures Import To My Computer?

You’re trying to import your photos to your computer and it’s not working but only sending you an annoying error message could be because you’re not getting something right. To get your pictures right where you want them in your computer you would have to know more than just plugging in the USB cable and hitting import on the computer.

Highlighted below are some reasons why your pictures won’t import on your computer. You’re may actually be ignorant of some of them.

1. A Locked iPhone

Most phones do not let you access its content when it’s in a locked state, and this include iPhones. When an iPhone is locked, it shields it memory and locks out any external device from accessing its files.

This surely is a security protocol to keep your files safe otherwise just anybody will have access to the things you store on your iPhone without your consent. Hence with your phone locked, the computer responds that it finds neither a picture nor a video.

2. Your iPhone Does Not Trust Your Computer

When the USB cable goes from your computer to your iPhone or vice versa, a pop up usually immediately appears on your iPhone asking you if you trust the external device, in this case your computer. All that you’re required to do is to agree that you trust your computer by clicking on ‘Trusted’. Most often than not, some persons don’t get to notice and respond with the right click to permit the computer access your iPhone pictures.

3. Outdated iTunes Version

You may not be able to import files from your iPhone to your computer if you’re using an outdated iTunes, especially versions lower than version 12.5.1. With an outdated iTunes your iPhones USB driver cannot work properly. The resultant effect is that your computer have a hard time recognizing your iPhones hardware. Update your iTunes to the latest version and try importing your pictures again.

4. Importing Too Many Photos

If you’re trying to get a lot of pictures to go from your iPhone to your computer all at once, then I’m afraid it will not be successful and you’ll receive the error code. Trying to force down lots of photos at a time stalls your iPhones photo app and gives it way more than it can chew. Instead, import your photos to your system in smaller fragments.

Why Are All My iPhone Photos Not Importing?

Noticed that some photos imported on your computer from your iPhone are nowhere to be found? I think I know just where it may be – iCloud photo gallery! iCloud is great but it does not download any photos you may have saved on the cloud to your local memory, they remain only on the cloud. That’s good enough because your dearest photos videos or file are accessible to you from anywhere around the world.

Though your connected computer still is able to access them from your iPhone, they will not import.

What to do in this event is to turn off ‘iCloud photo galley’. Here’s how to make this fix;

  • Get on iPhone settings
  • Click on Apple ID
  • Select iCloud
  • Tap on photos
  • Toggle off iClouds photos gallery

How Do I Get Pictures From my iPhone that say no new photos found?

If you’ve done the very basic things, like unlocking your iPhone to enable file transfer, update iTunes and still get a no pictures was found on this device error. Then you should consider these more in-depth options. Some of them you may have to combine to get it to work.

1. Temporarily Disable Passcode

If issue persists, you may have to pull down another level of security on your iPhone by turning off your passcode. Here’s how;

  • Launch settings
  • Click touch id and passcode
  • Enter your passcode and turn it off.

2. Find And Rename ‘PreviouslyAcquired.db’

This one may be a little more in-depth than the rest, but you’ll be fine if you follow the steps below;

  • Plug in the appropriate ends of the USB to your iPhone and computer.
  • Search the file directory C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Photo Acquisition. You should see the file named PreviouslyAquired.db.
  • Rename the file to your username by right clicking on it and clicking rename.

Try to import photos again to your computer and see if it works now.

3. Reset Your Location And Privacy Setting

A simple location and privacy reset have also shown to solve the problem.

  • Head down to settings
  • Tap general
  • Click reset
  • Select reset location and privacy
  • Plug in your USB cable and respond to the pop up o iPhone by clicking Trust.

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4. Use A Third Party

If you’ve tried all of the above methods and nothing seems to be a solution, then this one will not fail only if you don’t mind involving a third party. Some computer software’s facilitate the easy importing of photos to your computer from iPhone. Apart from helping you import your pictures they also do it quickly, compatible with iOS and incorporates an easy to use interface.

I’ve recommended three which in my discretion will not fail, but perform just what you want.

  • AOMEI MBackupper
  • Tenorshare iCareFone
  • Anytrans
  • DearMob iPhone Manager

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The occasional error that says no new photos found on this device is a common error and should not frighten you because it’s solvable. I’m confident that trying one or two of the above steps will set you right back on track. And if you feel some of the processes are too difficult to follow, then consider the easy way by installing the third party software’s. With them, importing photos to your computer become easy-peasy.


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