Why Does My iPhone 12 Ring On Silent?

Why Does My iPhone 12 Ring On Silent?

It usually seems as if your iPhone 12 now has a mind of its own when it continues to yell out its ringing tone even while you’ve put it on a silent mode. It is called silent mode for a reason, it simply means you do not want any calls, important or not distracting or disturbing you at the moment.

When you phone is set to silence, your iPhone still rings but not to your hearing or anyone. This setting usually comes in handy especially when in an important meeting or a quite gathering.

Imagine an all eye on you scenario in an office meeting and your iPhone you made sure to shut up before time is the culprit. That’s quite embarrassing. If you have ever experienced this before, do not be hard on yourself, because you’re not alone. Only recently, a lot of iPhone 12 users have laid their complaints to Apple support team of same issue.

Why Does My iPhone 12 Ring On Silent?

There are a couple of reasons why your iPhone still rings (make sound), even when set to be silent. I have highlighted some below;

1. Outdated IOS version

It is no accident that this cause makes the first position on this list. An having an outdated version of IOS could be responsible for your device not responding properly to the configurations you make. Usually, an upgrade from an old IOS version to a recent one makes your device cooler but has a lot of bugs fixed. Have your IOS version upgraded and your iPhone 12 still ringing on silent mode might be fixed.


2. Emergency bypass

Some of your contacts can still make your iPhone 12 ring regardless of the silent mode you’ve turned on. These contacts are immune to the silent mode configuration and therefore the setting to remain silent is bypassed when you receive a call from them. So if you’ve set your friend or a few family members on emergency bypass on your iPhone, even if your phone is set to be silent, it’ll still ring. A lot of people actually do not know about this and make this configuration unknowingly.

3. Paired Apple watch

Though this is quite uncommon but have been identified and confirmed to contribute to the reason your iPhone 12 still rings on silent mode. An Apple watch paired with your iPhone can override and negate directly some configurations you make on your iPhone. Most times transferring its own setting over to your iPhone. A simple impairing and resetting usually can solve this.

How do I know my iPhone 12 is ringing on silent?

Apple has made turning your iPhone to silent mode very easy by adding a toggle on and off switch by the side of your iPhone. When your device is set to be silent on incoming calls, an orange stripe usually appears by the side of the switch and disappears when silent mode is toggled off. Same way, it is easy to find out that your iPhone 12 is still ringing while on silent.

If you can identify and recognize the icon or symbol for mute when you look at the top right of your iPhone screen, then your phone is actively set to be silent and therefore should not ring when a call comes in. If you find the mute icon there and yet your phone rings, then something is not right.

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How Do I Stop My iPhone 12 From Ringing On Silent?

There are a couple of things you can still do on noticing that your iPhone will not adhere to your silence instruction and they are largely simple steps you can take on your own.

1. Manually configure the silent mode

It’s easier on iPhone 12 to switch to a silent mode, all you have to do is toggle the little switch situated by the side of your iPhone on. But in the case you have done this and it doesn’t seem to take any effect, then you may have encountered a hardware issue and may need to do it manually.  Here’s how;

  • Open iPhone 12 setting
  • Click on sounds
  • Slide the ringer and alerts volume all the way back to its minimum. Your device should now be on silent mode.

2. Disable emergency bypass

Except you really want your phone to ring when specific contacts call, then you should disable emergency bypass. Here’s how to do it;

  • Open your contacts app
  • Search and select the contact that overrides your silent mode setting
  • Scroll down and click on ring tone and text tones
  • Toggle off emergency bypass

3. Update IOS version

If you’re stuck trying to solve your iPhone 12 still ringing on silent issue, then I think it’s about time you installed an IOS upgrade. Bugs in previous version of IOS are usually addressed in newer versions. Here’s how to quickly do that;

  • Head onto settings
  • Click on general
  • Select and click software update
  • It’ll scan for available updates
  • Click download. It’ll install afterwards

4. Reset your iPhone

If you’ve done all of the above and the situation persists, then you should consider resetting your iPhone settings. It has a way of bringing everything back to normalcy once again. Here’s how to go about that;

  • Open iPhone 12 settings
  • Click on general
  • Select and click on reset all settings


Why Does My iPhone Still Ring On Do Not Disturb?

Some recent versions of iPhone has dubbed this as focus, but it pretty means same thing as do not disturb. If you find that your iPhone rings while on do not disturb then you just might have gotten the configuration wrong. On iPhone, you have three options when using do not disturb;

  1. Do not disturb when phone is locked
  2. Do not disturb when phone is unlocked
  3. Do not disturb on both situations (locked and unlocked states)

To stop your iPhone from entirely ringing on iPhone, here’s how;

  1. Open settings
  2. Select do not disturb
  3. Scroll down, under the silence section, check mark the always option.

Why Doesn’t My iPhone Ring When I Get A Call?

Two things ultimately can make your phone remain silent even when a call comes in on your iPhone;

  1. Your phone is on a silent mode unknowingly to you. Verify this by checking of the orange stripe is visible by the side of your phone. If yes, then toggle the switch the other way to turn off silent mode.
  2. Your phone is set to do not disturb. Verify this by looking at the top right side of your screen. If you find a moon icon there, then turn off do not disturb in your iPhone settings.

How To Enable Silent Mode On iPhone 12

This probably might be the easiest thing to do on iPhone. Just toggle the small switch at the left of your iPhone.

Why Does My iPhone 12 Ring On Silent?

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Icons on the screen of your iPhone can quickly tell at a glance if your iPhone is on a silent or do not disturb mode. And make sure to double check when tweaking the silent and do not disturb configurations. Only turn on the options that suite you best.

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