Why Is Google Search Not Working On iPhone

Why Is Google Search Not Working On iPhone

Why Is Google Search Not Working On iPhone

Google has long been the go-to search engine for millions of people around the world. However, recently many users have reported that their Google searches no longer work on their iPhone.

iPhone users are facing an issue with Google Search on their device in which users can’t search on Google. When a user goes to the Google Home page and tries to perform any search, it just will not work. But other websites works fine when you open them directly on or using url.

Do you want to know why and how to fix google search not working on iPhone? Read on I’ll be explaining further in this article

Why Google search is not working on my iPhone / iPad

Google search not working on iPhone can be because of the following:

1. Accumulated Cache Memory

Cache memory is a temporary storage area on your iPhone where frequently accessed data is stored. This data can be accessed more quickly than the main memory. By default, most programs use the operating system’s cache to store data.

As a user if you are use to visiting plenty websites on the browser, then obviously they would be a high compilation of cache data in the browser. And this can lead to your google search not working on iPhone.

2. Using Out of date browser or Google

Do you use an outdated browser or Google? If so, it’s time to update.

While this may seem harmless enough, it can have serious consequences when it comes to security and website compatibility. The most common issue is using an outdated browser on your phone, iPhone, or iPad. Please make sure that you have updated your browser to work properly with Google.

How To Fix Google Search Not Working On iPhone?

If your google search is not working on your iPhone follow the procedures below to fix it

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Cellular Data

First of all, User needs to check if there is an Internet connection, check if the data connection is enabled or not. If its not enabled, make sure you enable and turn it on. There’s no way google search can work without proper internet connection.

Restart the Browser app

If you’ve checked and made sure internet connection is enabled and active. and still your google search is still not working on your iPhone, close your google search app and restart it again.

In most instances, the easiest way to resolve the difficulty is to restart your browser in your iPhone, such as Google Chrome. Pending connection to some websites because Google is not working and search is not working properly in iPhone. Clearing the browser will clear temporary cache and any software problem.

Try Another Browser

If google search is not working on your iPhone, try using or switching to another browser. If you’re feeling down about your current browser, try on different ones to see what feels better. Here are five browsers that can give you a new perspective:

  • -Safari
  • -Firefox
  • -Internet Explorer
  • -Opera

Google is continually updating its own technology to stay informed about information over the internet and to send that information to you as a browser. If some browsers aren’t working correctly, it may create complications. Trying different searches on Google using other browsers might help Google search work correctly.

Video Guide

How to fix Google search / app not working on iPhone

Some iPhone / iPad users reported their screen goes dark when they try to search something. In this video, we will learn you why and how to fix Google app or search not working on iPhone.


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