Why Is My Instagram Camera Zoomed In On My iPhone?

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You’re trying to film an insta story and just noticed that the camera is abnormally zoomed in on the subject you’re focusing on, making the video rather unprofessional. The strange thing about such an occurrence is that it happens overnight and doesn’t seem to have a fix.

In this article, you’ll find why this may be happening to your Instagram camera as well as how to resolve the issue and get back on with updating your audience with amazing videos via your story.

Why Instagram Camera is zoomed in on iPhone

Zooming in on Instagram cameras doesn’t affect videos alone, pictures you take with the camera are affected too. This is not a problem peculiar to iPhone users alone though, other mobile devices have complained the same about having zoomed-in cameras on Instagram

Below are the most probable reason your Instagram camera is zoomed in;

Instagram Image/Video Standard Size

Instagram will not accept all image or video sizes, so to help you not struggle with finding the right dimensions your reel videos or images should be in, their camera has been configured to produce just the size they want. Instagram uses a standard image or video ratio of 4:5 inch. That’s a dimension of 1080 x 1350 PX. 

This will make the camera zoom in on whatever you focus it on by cropping out as much as it needs to so to have your video or image fit into the premade size.

Instagram Camera Auto Zoom Is Active

You can add little tweaks to the normal mode of your Instagram camera from the advanced settings. With auto zoom active, your camera will be locked in to zoom in on any image you want to capture or while filming videos. If you turned this on without knowing, you may want to turn it off to prevent the camera from zooming in on images.

Instagram App Error 

It’s not uncommon for top rated apps like Instagram to act abnormally. As with many apps, Instagram could develop an error from the developer’s end that can attack key functions of the app like the camera, causing it to act abnormally.

Outdated Instagram App

If you still use an outdated Instagram, then I’m sorry to say that new developments that have been effected on the app will not apply to you. This is especially if you use the app and not the web version of Instagram. If zooming in cameras happened on the previous version, then it’s most likely not to repeat on a more recent version. 

And as you already know, updates for Instagram are released every now and then and you’re encouraged to hop on unto new updates of the app as soon as they’re released.


How Do You Unzoom Instagram Camera On iPhone?

There are a few things you can do to get this issue fixed. All solutions majorly focus on how to tackle the software issue that’s with the general app which in turn may be affecting the camera specifically.

Follow the below guide to unzoom your Instagram camera on iPhone;

1. Relaunch Instagram App

Software related issues on apps can easily be tackled by closing the app and opening it again. Especially if they’re only affecting a particular function on the app. This can help to clear stored buggy cache that may be responsible for your Instagram camera zooming in when in use. Here’s how to quickly relaunch the Instagram app; 

  • With the app open, go back to the Home Screen
  • Swipe up from the top or bottom of the screen depending on iPhone model.
  • This will open the app switcher. 
  • Swipe the Instagram app away from the window
  • Wait a few seconds, relaunch the Instagram app and verify if the camera is back to its normal unzoomed state.

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2. Disable Auto Zoom

To disable auto zoom on your Instagram Camera, here’s what to do;

  • On your Instagram account, tap on your profile
  • Tap on the menu icon at the upper right corner on your screen
  • Tap on Settings
  • Open the Camera settings by tapping on Camera
  • Scroll down and toggle the switch to the right of ‘Use Advanced Instagram Camera’ to off.
  • Verify that your Instagram camera is back to its normal unzoomed state by trying to capture an image with it.

3. Update Instagram app

The Instagram app will always have an update available from time to time and it’s your duty to make sure you keep up with them. This is the fix that has worked for most users with the zoomed in camera on iPhone and you should try it too.

To update to the latest available Instagram version, follow the below guide;

  • Tap on the App store to open it
  • Tap ion your profile icon. You’ll find your profile at the top of the screen
  • Scroll down to find the Instagram app
  • Tap on update to the left of the app to download and install an update. 
  • This should fix the issue if all else doesn’t. Verify that your Instagram camera is back to its normal unzoomed state by trying to capture an image with it.



I bet you don’t want anything interfering with your ability to post video and image stories on your Instagram account. Not even an abnormal zoomed in camera should come between your fun and I assured you already know what to do. Use the guide as instructed above to fix your zoomed in Instagram camera on iPhone.



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