Why is my McDonalds app not working on my iPhone?

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Why is my McDonalds app not working on my iPhone?

The McDonald app is one app on your iPhone that you do not wish to develop a problem and the reason cannot be far fetched. When you want to super charge your taste buds with something yummy, McDonald is the right fast food to turn to for really tasty fries and burgers.

They have even made ordering their services right to your door step much easier with their app that is compatible with iPhone and available on app store as well as an easy to use interface.

Their are times too when their app will not just work which is really a bad news for your hungry stomach. Continue to read to find out why this may be happening


Why is my McDonalds app not working?

The most common issues as complained by McDonald app users include a variety of functions that are important in the app. Some users have said they’re unable to pay with their card on the app, some are not able to add a menu to cart and while some others have just been locked out of the app and are unable to login.

These are many more are the issues that have plagued lovers of McDonald burgers and fries and could be traced back to several underlying conditions. Below are a few reasons why the McDonald app is not working on your iPhone;

Why is my McDonalds app not working on my iPhone?

1. Unstable Internet Connection

The McDonald app is a real-time based app and will require internet for you to add a menu to cart in real-time as well as make payment. When you have a shaky internet connection, these functions are affected and won’t work properly.

Usually if its poor internet connection that’s causing the error, new pages will refuse to open on the app and will load endlessly. To verify that your internet connection isn’t the problem, open another app requiring an internet connection and look of for lags in opening pages on the app. If lags also occur then do the below;

  • Turn off WIFI connection, wait a while and reconnect
  • It could be that your WIFI internet speed dropped, you may want to switch to be a better connection.


2. App Server Is Down

A problem from the McDonalds app developers end could also be the reason the app is not working. If the server where the app is hosted fails the resultant effect will be the end users not having access to the app. One way to know that the issue is  as a result of a failed server is that the app immediately crashes as soon as it’s launched.

However, there’s not much you can do to fix this other than to wait until McDonalds app developers initiates a fix from their end. Meanwhile, you can help fast track this process by reaching out to their support via the website about the issue you’ve experienced using their app.


3. App Bugs

Occasional bugs on the McDonalds app can make the app to stop working. You’re most likely to encounter an app bug if you’re using a jailbreak iPhone, but other than that it’s still possible for the app to become bug infested. Their are solution to this which are pretty easy to apply, do the following;


  • Clear McDonalds app cache

Clearing the cache will log you out of the app, so you will  want to make sure you have your login credentials where they’re accessible. The cache is a temporary data store that builds up as you continue to use the app, they can over time get corrupted and will need to be cleared to fix the app. Follow the below instructions to clear the McDonalds app cache;

  1. Open settings
  2. Tap to open apps
  3. Scroll to find the McDonalds app
  4. Tap on the ‘i’ icon and click on clear cache and data option.
  5. Relaunch the app and your enter your credentials to log in.


Another way to get rid of app bug is by deleting the app and installing it again. Here’s how to this;

  1. First to uninstall the app, tap and hold the app icon on your home screen until the apps jiggle.
  2. Tap on the delete icon to uninstall it
  3. Now to reinstall, Open app store
  4. Search for McDonalds
  5. Tap on the cloud icon to download it
  6. Launch the app after installation to verify if the issue is fixed.

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4. Outdated App

An outdated app will always loose some functionality and will begin to behave abnormally, perhaps this is to tell you that an update is required and the McDonalds app is no different. McDonald will occasionally make update to their app available to fix errors and bugs that may have thrived in previous versions. To update your McDonalds app;

  • Head straight to the app store
  • Open your profile by tapping on it
  • Scroll to find the McDonald app
  • If there’s any update available for it, a update button will be displayed next to it
  • Update and relaunch the app to verify if the issue is fixed


5. Incompatible IOS and McDonald App Version

This issue is peculiar to iPhone users running on IOS 14. The latest IOS 14 has zero tolerance for apps that will not upgrade to the minimum requirement as stated by Apple. For this reason, the likes of the McDonalds app and every other app that lags to comply with Apple will suffer glitches.

Again, their may not be much that you can do to fix this, contact the appropriate McDonalds task to lay the complaint and hopefully it’ll be fixed.

Why is my McDonalds app not working on my iPhone?

Why Does The McDonalds App Log Me Out?

This has happened to many users of the app and a couple of reasons could be responsible;


1. Expired Login Session

Moments you spend outside of the McDonalds app after you log in are calculated by the app and is usually referred to as a session. If you spend anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes on another location on your phone, could be an app or just inactive, the McDonalds app will log you out without your permission as your login session would have expired.

This is a security measure implemented by the developers of the app to keep your account as well as sensitive details like your card safe.

If you find that you’ve been logged out automatically, all you have to do is sign in again and proceed with your order.


2. Corrupted Profile Data

If the McDonalds app deems your profile as corrupt, it’ll as well log you out automatically. This is not a problem from your end, but one of those glitches that can happen to any app and may not allow you to sign in. The next time this happens, exist from the app completely, allow some 30 seconds or more before relaunching the app.

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Most persons will only understand the implications of a not working McDonalds app when they’re famished and craving for some spiced fries or yummy burger, but either ways it is not a good experience. It’ll do no extra harm to bookmark these life saving tips on how to fix a not working McDonalds app, it may come in handy one of these days!


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