Why Won’t My Apple Pencil Stay Connected To My iPad?

Why Won't My Apple Pencil Stay Connected To My iPad?

There are not many things you can do on your iPad without an Apple pencil. Especially when it involves high-precision tasks like making a sketch, drawing, or even taking a note. That’s why it is generally preferred by professionals.

But with your Apple pencil misbehaving by frequently disconnecting from your iPad, it can be overly annoying and can be one of the worst forms of distraction. In this article, you’re going to find out how to put this issue to an end as well as come to the light on why this is happening.


Why Apple Pencil Keeps Disconnecting

Since the ApplePencil is a Bluetooth device, most of its issues will revolve around Bluetooth-related functions either in the Apple pencil itself or in your iPad, Either way, it can be fixed. Below include a couple of reasons Apple pencil keeps disconnecting from your iPad;

1. Airplane mode is enabled

With the Airplane mode active, your Apple pencil will keep disconnecting. The Airplane mode is an enemy t everything called wireless connection that your iPad can make with other accessories and Bluetooth is no exception.

If Airplane mode is accidentally activated, it’ll disconnect your Apple pencil as it relies on Bluetooth solely to remain connected to your iPad. What you must do is to check in the control panel if the Airplane mode is turned on, if yes, then turn it off and reconnect your pencil.

2. Apple pencil is low on battery

Once your Apple pencil battery runs down to about 5 – 10 percent, it may disconnect. Like most other Bluetooth accessories usable by your iPad that will disconnect after the battery reaches a particularly low threshold, the Apple pencil is no different.

You’re able to find out how much battery life you still have in your Apple pencil while it’s still in use on your iPad. Just open Today’s view on your iPad and you’ll find the remaining battery percentage of your Apple pencil alongside any other Bluetooth accessory you may have connected.


3. Incompatible Pencil

How compatible is the Apple pencil you’re using with your iPad? This is a necessary question that you must answer even before setting out to grab an Apple stylus pencil. As of the time of this writing, Apple only has two types of pencil produced to be used with Apple iPads namely; Apple pencil first-generation and the Apple pencil second generation.

If you’re unlucky and have grabbed a pencil that’s not compatible with your iPad, then I’m sorry because it’ll keep disconnecting or may never work at all. Below I have listed the iPad models that can go with each type of pencil I have mentioned above.

Apple Pencil First Generation

Why Won't My Apple Pencil Stay Connected To My iPad?

The first-generation Apple pencil can quickly be identified. It has a perfect round circumference and a connector at the top of the pan and of course a cover for the connector. It will work best for the following iPad models;

  1. iPad mini (5th generation)
  2. iPad (6th generation and later)
  3. iPad Air (3rd generation)
  4. iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st and 2nd generation)
  5. iPad Pro 10.5-inch
  6. iPad Pro 9.7-inch


Apple Pencil Second Generation

Why Won't My Apple Pencil Stay Connected To My iPad?

The second generation has a different build from the first and can easily be distinguished. It has a flat edge serving as its connection point to the iPad where it is being used. The below iPad models are compatible with it;

  • iPad mini (6th generation)
  • iPad Air (4th generation and later)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation and later)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (1st generation and later)


Now that you know what works and what doesn’t, you will either find out that you need to go get a compatible Apple pencil for your iPad or further ahead with the troubleshooting steps.


Apple Pencil Is Connected To Another iPad

If you find that your Apple pencil is frequently disconnecting, it may be connected to another device. Although you can use your Apple pencil with multiple other compatible devices, it can only be used on one iPad at a time.

Hence, if you had the pencil connected to iPad A and then connects the same pencil to iPad B, iPad A immediately loses connection with the pencil and will only work again when it’s reconnected to the iPad.

How Do I Keep Apple Pencil Connected?

To ensure you’re never met with distractions that a disconnected pencil can bring, do the following to keep your Apple pencil connected;

1. Ensure You Pair The Pencil Rightly

Especially if you’re using the second-generation Apple Pencil, you need to pay more attention to how the pencil is connected. When connecting your second-generation Apple pencil, ensure that the flat surface of the pencil is placed right at the center of the magnetic connector located at the right of your iPad.

If done rightly, a pop-up asking you to pair your device with the accessory will appear on the screen. Tap on the pair to connect the pencil.


2. Remove Apple Pencil From Paired Bluetooth Devices

To keep your Apple pencil always connected, ensure that no other device is sharing the Apple pencil. The pencil gets disconnected as soon as it’s paired with another iPad. If you have a second iPad, you may want to get a second Apple pencil for it, except you’re totally fine with the pencil disconnecting frequently.


3. Reset Network Setting

Sometimes frequent Apple pencil disconnection may be close as a result of glitches on the network. Restarting your device can get this fixed but a network reset tackles the problem deeply. Be careful anyway, you may lose your setup WIFI connections and every other wireless connection, make sure to have their details written and stored out somewhere safe.

To perform a network reset on your iPad, follow the below guide;



  • Open iPad settings
  • Open general
  • Tap on transfer or reset iPad
  • Tap on reset
  • Tap on reset network settings
  • You may be asked to enter your passcode
  • Tap on reset and confirm your action to the prompt that appears.
  • Your iPad will restart
  • Connect the pencil again

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4. Always Keep The Pencil Charged

Your Apple pencil will disconnect if it gets overly low. Make sure to keep an eye on Today’s view to know how the battery is doing. I will recommend that you stop using it for a charge immediately its anywhere close to 15 percent. And is important to note that your Apple pencil will remain connected to your iPad even while charging.


How Long Do Apple Pencils Last?

Your Apple watch can last up to 12 hours. When fully charged its lithium battery can supply a long 12 hours usage of time. The usage duration for both generations of the Apple watches is roughly the same.


How Do I Know If My Apple Pencil Battery Is Bad?

There are majorly two ways you can identify a dying or a dead Apple pencil;


1. Battery Is Used Up Too Quickly

If you get anything less than 11 hours of usage with a full battery, it’s like you sometimes have a bad battery already. To be sure of this, make sure to keep an eye on the battery life from your iPad and note how fast it runs down to lower percentages.


2. Battery Refuses To Charge

Sometimes the Apple watch may refuse to charge at all or may refuse to charge above a particular percentage, that’s a bad sign that your battery is either dying or dead.


Can You Replace Battery In Apple Pencil?

No. Unlike most other accessories you can have their components replaced in the event of damage, this is not true for the Apple pencil. The lithium battery incorporated in the pencil is so small that getting it out may completely damage other sensitive parts of the pencil.

Any spoilt Apple watch belongs in the garbage bag. Unfortunately, the only fix to an Apple pencil with a failed battery is to get a new one.

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Your pencil becomes your buddy when you frequently need to use it to get productive on your iPad, you must take extra care of it. It incorporates several sensitive parts that are at the same time fragile and rough handling may ultimately lead you to spend  fortune for a new one.

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