Will iPhone Face ID Work After Water Damage?

Will iPhone Face ID Work After Water Damage?

Water damage can cause a lot of problems to iPhone, including the iPhone models that are water resistance. Like the iPhone 11 series, iPhone 12 series and lastly the iPhone 13 series.

One of the problems that can emerge after a water damage is the Face Id getting disabled. Face Id is one of the outstanding features of the iPhone x down to the 13 pro max series and it has been working perfectly since lunch.

Some users have been wondering if iPhone face Id will work after water damage.

Why Is Face Id Not Working After Water Damage On iPhone?

The FaceId is one of the features that make the iPhone so secure. If the phone has come in contact with water, there are good chances that the main circuits of the Face ID are exposed to water. However, because Face ID is such a critical component of iPhone security, Apple has developed a process to dry out the phone and restore Face ID functionality.

Damaged or exposed to a relatively humid environment, water could lead to short circuits or electrical failures that can cause Face ID failure.

Will iPhone Face ID Work After Water Damage?

Yes, iPhone face ID can work after damage, depending on the intensity of the damage caused by the water. If is a minor water spill then you can simply fix it by wiping the screen surface with a dust free cloth then drying it up with a device like the hair dryer.

If the above-mentioned fix doesn’t work for you then, the best way to fix it is by opting in for apple complete service support

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 Is Water Damage iPhone Covered in Warranty?

If an iPhone gets damaged by liquid (soft drink or any sort of water)

The service for the liquid damage isn’t covered by the Apple One-Year Limited Warranty, but you may have rights under consumer law.

Features that allow iPhone device to function without damage include a Liquid Contact Indicator that alerts users when moisture shake hands with water or a liquid that contains water.

How To Fix Face ID After Water Damage

If the water damage wasn’t too bad you can fix the face Id by doing the following

Wipe and dry your phone properly

Make sure you’ve wiped your phone with a dust free cloth. Then use hair dryer to take of all forms of moisture on it

Force Restart Your iPhone

Some times face id not working can be as a result of a minor software glitch. Restarting your phone should fix it

Follow the steps below to restart your iPhone:

  • Press and hold the volume and power button at the same time. Until a slider appears
  • Then Slide it to the left to power it off. Turn it on after few mins

If the Above fix didn’t work for you have to take your iPhone to Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Can a local repair shop fix a Face Id That damaged as a result of water?

Aside from cleaning your iPhone and drying it to be free from liquid and moisture. I won’t recommend or suggest to you to try fixing it on your own or all by yourself.

It is because Apple considers the face Id as a security component. The face Id is paired to the logic board. If eventually they get damaged replacing them won’t fix because the component needs to be reset to the setting of the logic board, and Only Apply has the facility and the equipment to do that.

Contact Apple customer care for information regarding any issue with FaceID in iPhone that Apple might be responsible for. Apple will only help fix the problem.

Will Apple Fix Damage Face Id For Free

Water damaged phone will no longer be under the apple warranty. So it won’t be fixed for free.

If an iPhone gets damaged by liquid (soft drink or any sort of water)

The service for the liquid damage isn’t covered by the Apple One-Year Limited Warranty, but you may have rights under consumer law.

Apple will not fix Face ID by itself except with a full replacement. I do not think that third-party vendors possess any way to repair Face ID. It’s very likely to function, if Face ID was affected by water, then there’s likely to be physical evidence of that. One of the liquid contact indicators on the Face ID components may indicate color change from the presence of water, or it could signal damage to the component itself. In that case Apple is not planning to offer any service alternatives to its purchasers, including battery replacement.

Video Guide

How to iPhone 11PROMAX Face ID Not working after water Testing !!

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